grow your channel

  1. Gamie

    How to grow?

    hello guys its Gamie,im new here,actually ive started a gaming channel on youtube which primarily focuses on walkthrough,can you guys help me and give me some tips as to how to grow my channel?
  2. Julia and Claire

    9 Months and 28 Subscribers? Advice?

    Hi, We've been making videos every week for 9 months (which is really fun!) yet we still only have 28 subscribers (some who are friends and family.) We know that it takes a while to gain subscribers, but on forums we read about other channels who've gotten 100 subs in 2 days. Is our channel...
  3. Elysia

    It takes more than JUST posting a video

    Ok guys! I see a LOT of you saying "people keep telling me to post regular content and viewers will eventually find what you are doing.".... I cant stress enough how untrue that is. Although posting regular content is a big part of seeing success on YT its also only your first step. Once your...
  4. Feathers

    How did you grow your channel?

    I'm really interested in people's stories, even if your channel is still small or it's huge, what do you do or what did you do to grow your channel? :D It may help others and it's defiantly interesting to see other people's point of view! I'm not sure if this is the best place to put it but...
  5. Oliver Potter

    Some links that helped me get to 900 subscribers!

    Hey Guys! So I am a blogger/vlogger myself so all I do is read other peoples blogs. I compare them to mine and I came across these two blog posts about how to grow your audience and also how to rank your videos! I can't post links on here but if you would are interested in these blog posts...
  6. Pedroseph

    Why Do YouTube and How To Be Successful.

    There are a lot of people out there from all over the world that want to start a YouTube channel. From my experience it seems that a proportion of these people that WANT to start a YouTube channel, don't. This is simply because they face confidence issues or are worried that others will...
  7. A

    I have 11523 Subscribers How to Get Even More?

    As we all know we every time say to our self if we get 1,000 subscribers we won't need more or 10,000 subscribers. Everytime I grow I feel like i am even looking for more. I get daily 20-30 subscribers. How to even make it daily 100 new subscribers? any ideas?
  8. wasteoftimegames

    These girls were wild ;) ...or not? 50/50 take your chance

    okay, i finally was able to push through all that noise on this forum and got some attention. haha im sorry please dont hate me for this.. i was wondering if you can give me some feedback on my gaming channel..... i basically suck at every game but eh i honestly need feed back.... maybe my...
  9. Bobby and Emily

    The most amazing surprise ever :)

  10. S

    Collab with me?

    would anyone like to do a collab with my to get more subscribers. I will do it on a gaming video on the Xbox one so if anyone would like to do one and has around300-500 subs contact me
  11. HyDraid

    Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

    1. Create Content That People Want You know the saying that “content is king”? It should be creating content that people want is king. But how do you find out what people want? The YouTube keyword tool lets you see what others are searching for on YouTube. Type in a word that is relevant to...
  12. Tyhd

    How to Start and Grow a Gaming Channel in 2016

    Hope this helps some of you
  13. Review Wiz

    0-1000 Subscribers Requires Help From A Community?

    Do you think that community members do enough to help each other grow? I don't think so. Should community members sub to fellow smaller YT channels to help each pass the 1000 mark goal?
  14. Kieran TV

    Gaming Collab Here- Looking For Xbox One YouTubers! Kieran TV

    Hi, my name is Kieran TV. I am a 13 year old YouTuber, Gamer and Year 8 Student. I am looking for collaborations. If you want to collaborate with me and make videos here are the guidelines: 200+ Subs Must have an Xbox One Between age 11-14 (I am 13) No use of sub4sub Looking to do dual...
  15. BrownMonkey101

    Gaming Want to Collab? I'll help YOU to GROW!

    Yo guys its me BrownMonkey101 here! I currently have over 100 subscribers and would like to find channels with similar sizes to collab with! If you do decide to collab with me then great, because I can help you to grow and in return you can help me! Requirements! 1. Must have atleast 50...
  16. Eric Bieller

    Vlog Intro Swap - A Super Simple YouTube Collaboration

    Hey all, Collaborating on YouTube is tough when you rarely have the chance to meet up with other interesting YouTubers in person. So we started thinking... We really like the way funforlouis used to do little intro videos from other YouTubers. What if we did something similar, but as more of a...
  17. TheTippler3848

    Gaming Sunday Shout out Series - 1 vs 1

    Game: FIFA / BO3 Platform: PS4 for BO3 - PS4 or XboxOne for FIFA Number of People: 1 Timezone: Any Age: 18+ Mission: To help fellow YouTubers grow, whilst also growing my own channel - To help the community of the smaller YouTuber. Subscribers: 250 Link to Channel...
  18. Moses Minchuk

    What are the best ways to grow your channel fast but yet staying in your niche?

    My second channel has videos but I found that my subscribers and views stay the same and it really stresses me out. Does anyone have any ideas of how you would grow your channel fast within a year?