Should I devote more videos to food?

  • Yes, a once a week thing would be cool and help you gain an audience!

  • Nah, if it's something you initially weren't interested in so much, don't do it

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Hey everyone, I would really love some feedback! :) I just started out about a month ago and would really love to build a community.

I think the biggest thing that's troubling me right now is that my most popular video is candy tasting. While I didn't want to focus my entire channel around food, some people keep suggesting I do more. I'm torn now between doing it every so often and posting a food tasting video one day a week and a different type of video on another day of the week (sort of like Hannah Hart, who I think is amazing.)

Any input or advice you have concerning my channel is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much :)
I think you should post some of those food videos once a week to gain an audience. Later they might watch your other videos and it might snowball into something bigger.
I mean, I think you should stick to your roots, do what makes YOU happy. YouTube isn't just for others to see, it's for the creators to enjoy doing! Personally, my favourite videos are sarcastic and ironic, maybe even morbid. But that's just me. Build a channel on what you like and your personality!
I think you should do it, only if you really wanna do it. Don't just do it for the views, yknow? If you genuinely enjoy filming those types of videos then go for it, but if it's only something you're doing for the views then maybe don't. the same time if it's being requested then you kinda should do it because you wanna cater to your audience. Maybe if you did it every other week, see how that goes and then make it more frequent if the feedback is good?
Thanks for the advice, everyone! I do enjoy filming them, but I never really intended my channel to only be that. I guess it's ok to incorporate them once a week or every so often, though, especially when they're fun and viewers interact in the comments! Thanks again, I really appreciate it :D