1. AncientEmma

    First Ever Shiba Inu Dog Vlog!

    My Shiba, Joba, and I put together the first ever Dog Vlog! Let me know what you think :)
  2. AncientEmma

    Harry Potter, Tea, and other July Favorites

    Let me know what you think about my July Favorites! I cover Harry Potter, hiking, camping, books, tv shows (Mr. Robot!) and lots of other stuff :)
  3. AncientEmma

    I'm Afraid- An Artsy Fartsy thing I did

    Please let me know what you think, I'd like to do more of this style but would love to get some feedback on it. I uploaded this for like 2 hours on Sunday and then took it down because I wanted to fix some things. Now it's up! Thanks for the support! :D
  4. AncientEmma

    Trying Different Foods!

    I made a Playlist for videos about trying different food and drinks. I really like making these, and I have plans for many more! Check it out, if you want. I'm pretty proud of them :)
  5. AncientEmma

    Channel Input Please?

    Hey everyone, I would really love some feedback! :) I just started out about a month ago and would really love to build a community. I think the biggest thing that's troubling me right now is that my most popular video is candy tasting. While I didn't want to focus my entire channel around...
  6. AncientEmma


    I know this is a super tiny number, but I reached 400 views after about 3 weeks of having a channel! I'm really hoping it will pick up, but I guess you have to start somewhere :)
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