1. Valentinas Playhouse

    Paw Patrol Candy Hunt

  2. Dismal Bliss

    Tasty candy that's not available in the USA

    Crystal and Akemi head back to Ohio with some unique Canadian delicacies. Why don't we have them here in the USA???
  3. SeanFace101

    Paulo Nutini - Candy (DJ & Wiggy) Singing + Guitar

    Paulo Nutini Candy (DJ & Wiggy) Singing + Guitar
  4. GeniePurple


    Yesterday I uploaded a new video.. YEAAAHHH MORE SWEETS TO EAT. So here it is, if you haven't subscribe, do so, So you can check back every week for new random, awesome, fun videos .. peace dudes!
  5. SeanFace101

    My Friends Singing Paulo Nutini Candy (With Guitar Playing)

    DJ & Wiggy Playing Guitar & Singing Paulo Nutini Candy! :dance: This is a video of Derek Semple (DJ) and Stephen Docherty (Wiggy) from Castlemilk, Glasgow, Scotland. They are signing Candy by Paulo Nutini and DJ is playing the guitar too. The person to the left in the video is Rick Mail, my...
  6. AncientEmma

    Trying Different Foods!

    I made a Playlist for videos about trying different food and drinks. I really like making these, and I have plans for many more! Check it out, if you want. I'm pretty proud of them :)
  7. AncientEmma

    Channel Input Please?

    Hey everyone, I would really love some feedback! :) I just started out about a month ago and would really love to build a community. I think the biggest thing that's troubling me right now is that my most popular video is candy tasting. While I didn't want to focus my entire channel around...
  8. TheReviewDiary

    We would love your opinions on our new channel!

    HELLO! We have both started up a channel a few months ago, and it seems to be going well. Although we would love some feedback ! Thanks so much!
  9. thejadonmayhew


    After my first video on trying American candy, as I had SO much.. I made a second one! Any feedback either on here or in the comments on the video is appreciated!