youtube 2017

  1. Niels Cornelissen

    Why I think the AgeGate is great.

    Hello everyone! For all of you who don't know about the AgeGate yet: it is a program that YouTube is testing, which appearantly caused the unsub-bug. The idea of the program is that Youtube labels certain videos as 'restricted', which can not be viewed when the viewer is browsing in...
  2. KingleBricks

    Using Google Trends

    Google Trends is a site used to show what people are searching for most on google at this given time, i like to go on there and look at what is trending and then see if i can base some sort of entertaining/educational content around what people are already searching for. You can search anything...
  3. y0ImMike

    Gaming Xbox One Collaboration

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for around 2 - 3 people that want to play some games and make some funny content! I'm reaching out now because I realized being solo on YouTube isn't all that great. I made a small fan base and have 14,000+ subscribers. The content I uploaded before I stopped YouTube...
  4. Amber lynx

    Video ideas let down by copyright

    reaction videos are popular and I just made my first one and it has a copy right claim. How do I get around that?
  5. Cinnamon Sweet Shoppe

    Why Do You Youtube?

    This question has been asked several times on the forum and I would like to explain my answer in a little bit of detail: Youtube has changed me. Before I began my channel early this year, I was an extremely camera shy person with a big inferiority complex. I was convinced to do this by...
  6. sequan123


    is there anything that you dont like what youtubers do? me personally i dont like when youtubers tries to use you just for a sub rather than just taking the time and effort.
  7. sequan123


    Hey guys tell me something you regret doing on your youtube channel.
  8. sequan123

    Do you ever get that feeling?

    Hey guys do you ever get that feeling that when you reach your goal you get the feeling like omg i just hit my goal what should i do next, i do this all the time.
  9. J0eyy

    Thoughts on my newer content?

    I had just uploaded a video with a bunch of new editing and thumbnail design, if you could please go take a look at it for me, that would mean a bunch and please post your feedback below, I want my editing/GFX making skills to be on point! Here is the video :)
  10. Rolz

    Here they are, in all their glory

    Checkout my two yorkies! Love them and hopefully they can make you smile!
  11. W

    Channel Idea What do you think?

    So I recently thought about making a new channel. I am a writer, primarily short stories and I am currently in the process of writing a novel. I thought I'd chronicle the adventure of writing a novel as well as give some tips and advice along the way. What do you think. Do you think there's a...
  12. W

    Would like feedback on this video.

    I recently made this video and thought it'd be a good idea. I want to know if it's got potential. Personally I think it's the best video I've done yet.
  13. Justine

    Random Video View Drops??

    So I noticed with a few of my videos recently that they'll get up to a pretty high number and then a day or two later they'll drop in views out of no where. I decided to make a video on this and said video reached 70+ views and then today, the video was uploaded on Wednesday, the video just...
  14. ChildBeard

    YouTube taking away views!

    Has anyone else had the same problem where they upload a video and you check how many views it has and then a couple of days later you've lost 30 odd views on the same video? I'm also losing subs whenever I upload. What the hell is going on?!
  15. AnayaNation

    Where Do We see YouTube in 5 years?

    Hello Everyone, I would like everyone to voice their opinion and project where they see YouTube in the next five years? YouTube has taken off and it seems like everyone from kids to adults have channels and some with multiple channels...In the next five years how hard will it be to be...
  16. LIsnanto

    1000 subscribers in 3 months

    Happy New Year peeps My name is Lydia Isnanto. My YouTube channel is And instagram @lydiaisnanto I am a photography and film making enthusiast, love vlogging about camera gadget and travel. Honestly this milestone give me such a big encouragement to plan more travel in...
  17. W

    Feedback Please. Challenge video.

    I need some feedback on my challenge video. Is the audio good? Is the video quality good? Most important is the content good? Thank you and have a nice day.
  18. A

    Should I have 2 accounts of every social media platform?

    Hi. I have a question in terms of social media. Currently I have Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Those are my most used social media plat forms. These social media accounts are the ones I use for youtube means my subscribers are following and family as well. I just post there about my life and...
  19. XTRMlvl

    What do you think YouTube be in 2017?

    Will be another 2016 all over again with DRAMA 24/7 or do you think maybe this year, YouTube will become a non toxic place? Let me hear your thoughts I'm very curious.
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