1. Pierre Maynard

    I can't find a good and simple video editing software!

    So for the past week i have been trying really hard to find a good and easy video editing software, And i can't find nothing. I've already used Sony Vegas pro loved that software but, The trial has expired and i still have 2 projects to do. I have tried everything! i downloaded final cut pro x...
  2. Pierre Maynard

    Any good editing software out there?

    Hello im Pierre, :) and i need your help. Im trying to look for a good quality editing software video like, Sony Vegas pro because I am making gaming videos now and they are long! So i would just like to know some suggestions on what other editing software's are there. Any suggestions people! :)
  3. O


    Can somebody help me improve my channel, as im not growing too well, but to be honest ive only just started? suggestions???
  4. Pierre Maynard

    How to recover deleted video files?

    So i need help with trying to recover one of my deleted video files, I shouldn't have deleted. I've tried to find the best software to get it back, But you need a conformation key for that and i dont have one. :( Is there any other software that recovers video files without paying for it, or...
  5. Pierre Maynard

    Should i improve my channel?

    So hey everyone, :) I would just like to know if you all think, I should improve on my channel a little bit more. My channel has grown so much over the past year I've had ups and downs about it, but it has improved so much more now. I used to just play guitar and then upload it on YouTube, Now...
  6. Pierre Maynard

    Any Gaming video ideas?

    So I have just started to play Life is strange which is amazing! Is there any other Gaming videos you would like me to do? if you have any ideas please let me know i would much Appreciate it thanks :D
  7. GameLounge

    Gaming Best Games for YouTube?

    Hey, i'm Harrison from GameLounge :bounce: Im looking for some new games to play on my channel.. any suggestions? If you wanna collab you can email me @
  8. NWBroadcasting

    Proper tagging & General advice

    Hi! I don't think I'm tagging correctly. I go in-depth but not crazy on tagging because I don't want to my main source of traffic to be from something totally unrelated (low retention from that kind of traffic). I try different thumbnails and titles but stay consistent with my branding...
  9. S

    Review my channel please

    Hey everyone I was just wondering if any of you would be interested in checking out my channel and telling me what you think! Just be warned that there is some swearing and what not it in :). My videos are basically just vlogs where I share my stories and ideas as well as trying out some...
  10. iffie

    Video ideas?

    Hello everybody! I have recently began a weekly series on my channel, it is called Chit Chat Wednesday where I just want to talk about pretty much anything. I have the idea of talking about media, giving advice, personal stories and etc.... However I really need topics to discuss because...