1. Kolbee Squire

    Comedy Comedy Collab

    If anyone is wanting to do a collab then hit me up. I may be a small YouTuber, but I got big plans:). I honestly dont care how many Subs or views you have, were all in this for the fun of it. We dont even have to meet-up. Just internet and some device you can make videos with and you'll be fine.
  2. Humor Hub

    80 Subscribers and 1000+ views!

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys and gals are having a fantastic day. Anyways, we've just hit the 80 Subscribers milestone with 1000+ views! We'd like to thank everyone who supported us and gave us feedback within the yttalk community. It really helped us get to where we are and we appreciate the...
  3. SnowAspire

    Opinions on Exagerated Personality

    I've notice (as I'm sure you all have) that all big youtubers use an exagerated personality, whether it be minor or extreme. I see this from streamers like Ali-A, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, etc. What do you think about using an exagerated personality as opposed to the person you really are? I ask...
  4. CorporalKilljoy


    Just made it past the 300 subscriber mark this month. Didn't think it would get this far this quick lol. If anyone would like to check it out and support the channel by liking and subscribing, it would be really helpful for the channel to grow, and would be much appreciated thank you Channel...
  5. Ajaxcentral

    I reached 10 subscribers.

    By the end of this year my objective is to have 1000 or more.
  6. Tac0cann0n

    Active subscribers?

    Hey guys, I have a few questions for you all. My channel (as of right now) has 79 subscribers. I'm happy with this, and every few days or weeks a gain a few subscribers. For the most part, they are random, since I don't really like posting my channel everywhere for advertisement. I just want...
  7. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    Challenging three months 0 to 800, THANK YOU!

    Hello everyone. We are new here and we would like to share our achievement doing videos in YouTube for the past 3 months of 2016. Last year October we are at 0 subs and now we are 800 (I think we are still moving up). Thank you very much to those who subbed and believed in us.
  8. Ajaxcentral

    How long did it take to get 100+ subs?

    If you have seen my channel I'm not doing well with subs, but other than that I want to know how long it took for you to gain 100+ subs.
  9. officialjhalli

    100 subs!!! yassss

    I just hit 100 subs... Just in Time for Christmas... I think it was a Santa's Gift... :-) But, I am so happy... Next goal is 200 subs...
  10. JerseyWonder

    Just Hit The 20 Sub Milestone!

    Hey all, I'm so happy I've reached the 20 milestone of subscribers, (well 23) now haha! It may not seem many but I'm happy that 23 people actually enjoy my videos and have subbed to me! Next step is to 50! Thanks all, much love
  11. Anjim

    Gaming YouTubers Play Together

    Hi I am doing a series on playing with different gaming YouTubers. Requirements are: It doesn't matter how many subs you have PC and PS4 only Message on my channel because if you up to it. I have Discord and Skype but I rarely check those. The style is inspired by Game Grumps and...
  12. Hashtag10

    #Where can i promote efficiently?

    Hey guys. I've read some of the post on this thread and i'm struggling with the same problems as you. I'm struggling with my low audience, retention time, subscribers, s****y PC for which i made a Indigogo campaign, and so on. I'm really struggling but i dont wanna quit. I love doing this...
  13. A

    I have 11523 Subscribers How to Get Even More?

    As we all know we every time say to our self if we get 1,000 subscribers we won't need more or 10,000 subscribers. Everytime I grow I feel like i am even looking for more. I get daily 20-30 subscribers. How to even make it daily 100 new subscribers? any ideas?
  14. MusicsAnts

    How to Spread my YouTube channel.

    How can i gain views and subs for my channel easily?, without doing sub for sub which there is no point in doing anyway. I use social media (e.g.Twitter and Google+) but hardly anyone actually see's the posts or actually goes to my channel.
  15. Nanonium

    I reached 50 subs!

    After months, I finally made it, trying to get 100 by the end of this year, gonna grind for it
  16. Hashtag10

    Probably a dumb question.

    Hey guys. i'm relatively new on youtube and i wanna ask you how do i set my subscribers number to private so no one can see how few subs i have? :))) for the moment.... Thanks. :D
  17. Rahi Official

    100 Subscribers!!

    Today I hit 100 subscribes. Really excited about it!! :)
  18. Sk Jony

    I Got 600 Subscriber

    After reaching 600 subscribers on my channel. When I got 500 Subscriber, I think my channel go down. No view no new subs I can't acquire. But Now long run way, I got this rapidly. Specially my channel make earning and Youtube maintain related topic videos.
  19. BubbleJunk

    What helps build your channel?

    Guys, I was wondering how did you promote your channel and videos? How can I help my channel grow? Did the tags do you justice? Or does posting your content on social media help? Did your channel just blow up or did your subscribers grow over time? Sorry for all the questions! Just needing some...
  20. Nathan Haych


    I JUST HIT MY FIRST 100 SUBS!!! Also 5,500 views too :) Working towards the next milestone!!