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  1. Cynikal

    Massive Drop in Views/Viewership?

    So I've been posting on this channel for about 4 months now, gained a few good friends and went through some massive changes. Now, most of my subscribers are other youtubers/streamers and all have told me that my videos are awesome and I deserve xxx amount of subscribers. This I find hard to...
  2. Cynikal

    Can I get some of those positive vibes and honest feedback?

    I've been doing youtube for about 3 years, starting off with a tutorial channel. I've moved on to gaming and have been doing a lot more editing to bolster my "lackluster personality". If I could just get some honest feedback on what I'm doing wrong or could improve on it'd be greatly...
  3. louis walters

    Really struggling with youtube

    youtube just seems to be getting worse for me, i can barely get any views on my videos and ive been stuck on the same amount of subscribers for ages now, i think the only people that view it is friends and family, i do everything by the book, i don't buy things etc, it just feels like sometimes...
  4. Frostbite Fitness

    60 subs in 3 weeks

    So guys ive hit 60 subs in 3 weeks. i dont really know what i expected in my first three weeks. i wish i wrote down a goal and see if i hit it. but overall i am very satisfied. Maybe i can get to 100 in another two weeks. Im going to really try and get out more videos i think that will help to...
  5. Maffew

    Am I Doing Something Wrong? Very Slow growth..

    Hey YouTube folks! I've been working very hard on my YouTube channel now for roughly 3 months. Its a gaming channel (shock!) I post weekly content 4-5 videos a week. I've worked very hard on branding and on promotion (twitter, facebook, reddit etc.) I am really enjoying what I do at the moment...
  6. The Miranda

    Cinnamon Roll Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies??!?

    Got a bit bored and bought the two things we all love most and tried to create something great... What we got is something only okay. Solid try though.
  7. D

    Review on my last video?

    Hey guys! I uploaded a video about how my Valentine's Day was.... So I would love it if you would watch my video and maybe give it a like and maybe a comment if you liked it as I say I LOVE constructive feedback! Thank you so much guys and happy late Valentine's!
  8. E

    Comedy I am looking for comedian youtubers that do skits or rants ASAP

    Hello fellow youtubers, My name is Eddie Bones, and I have 130 subs with 9k total views. Also, I make videos every Tuesday. However, my birthday is next month, and I would like to release a video every Tuesday for the month of March. I am looking for a youtuber that does the following: 1.)...
  9. skepticalvoid

    why am i not growning??

    hi, I've been on YouTube for a least 3 years now. this year is the year i am putting more work into my channel than ever. i am not growing at all. i watched hours of tips and tricks and they are all the same. i have a goof mic, good graphics, good thumbnails, and good quality content.if anyone...
  10. AranoixGaming

    Gaming 9k Subs Collaborating/Re-branding Channel

    Just to start off a few months ago our channel moved away from Minecraft which was its primary focus. Now we play/record a wide range of PC games and we're looking to build up our community with as many collaborations as possible. We're mainly looking for recording on PC doing any games from...
  11. Decimate

    Fellow YouTube Gamer.

    Hello there, my name is Nathaniel or Decimate. I work hard everyday to make videos on YouTube, and I'm five videos ahead of schedule. I will continue to work hard because I love it and it's fun. I upload every 2 or 3 days. I do it because I love to see what people think of my videos, and...
  12. Ghoti

    Morality and Self-Promotion

    Hello YTTalkers! I'm a relatively small YouTube gaming channel, on which I've been creating videos on for eight months. My ramble today has to do with Self-Promotion, but in the context of morality (I.E not just spamming my channel). I have my own twitter, google+, blogger, Facebook page and...
  13. HeadbanginZombie

    Views, Engagement and Subscribers

    Hey guys, i am fairly new to the whole YouTube and YTtalk thing, so please forgive me if this is the wrong thread, but it says anything for help, and i really need some! I see other channels doing really well and people in a similar position as me where we don't get the chance to get the views...
  14. Uncivilized Elk

    YouTube is sporadic and irregular - a case study

    My personal view on YT, from the perspective of small channels and ignoring the rare viral aspect, is that YT is similar in some ways to playing the lottery. There really is a significant aspect of luck to the thing (I'm hardly saying that's all there is, just that it is a large factor - quality...
  15. DreaM_HD

    How is my channel looking?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could possible look at my channel and give some feedback and/or advice. I was also thinking about starting a fifa career mode series with a facecam so give me your thoughts on including a facecam in future videos! Channel is -...
  16. T

    Gaming Looking for a very small channel to play with

    Looking for 10-15 year olds. I am a very stupid and crazy person, and I am willing to play with someone else. You may also want to be crazy so that you don't feel crazy. I AM LOOKING FOR CHANNELS 20-200 Subscriber channels. You must have at least 250 views, 2 likes, and 1 comment. I don't care...
  17. darkstarmedia

    Educational Comedy Channel | Review Me!

    Hey, lovelies! I joined this forum not too long ago, and I'm loving it so far (as my number of messages and cash will tell you, ohohoho). I'm hoping to hit 250 subscribers by the end of the year (if not, I'd be super stoked to reach 200)! TL;DR: Click my channel down below, and give me your...
  18. mighTYLER99

    Gaming PC Gamers 14-18 Who Don't Cuss

    Hi Im Ty, 16, And I Play A Bunch Of Random PC Games, Including: Minecraft, Battleblock, CS:GO, And A Bunch Of Free Steam Games My Only Requirements Are: -You Have Skype- -You Are 14 Through 18- -And You Don't Cuss- -Also, I'm In The U.S So If You're In A Different Time Zone, We'll Have To Work...