1. W

    Recent Trend of "Shoutout Streams"

    I've seen a bunch of "shoutout streams" popping up because YouTube wants to promote their livestreaming feature to compete with FaceBook and Twitch. After observing them for a little while I decided to rant a bit about how ineffective they were on my channel. I wish I could paste a link to it...
  2. LandofDucks

    Gaming So Who likes to find FREE GAMES and get a Shoutout?

    Hey guys, So I havent been doing this series but i have just properly started back with it! The Series is called 'Fun With Free Games' I am on episode number 14! That's 14 free games to choose from! How it works is very simple, YOU comment on the video with a FREE GAME SUGESSTION, if...
  3. DarkBolt

    Gaming Shoutout and Collab

    I was wondering if anyone wanted to collab on PC as well as giving each other shoutouts!
  4. Meneno Gaming

    Shoutout Sundays?!?!?!

    Okay so lately on all my favourite youtubers comment section I see people spam stuff about Shoutout Sundays? Is it bad to participate in them? I had a argument with my friends and they kept saying that Shoutout Sundays are good but they never told me how? Some people say they bring dead...
  5. NRMRD

    Other [closed] Small Channels Willing To Grow Together?

    Hi, My Name Is Noor, I have 4+ years of experience of YouTube, but i just started a new channel, anyone willing to collab, promote each other (ex. put link to each others channel in description, give shoutouts.) It's a GREAT Non-Cheating way to grow your channel. If You Would like to join me in...
  6. Tristan Nelson

    Vlog How to get more subscribers?

    Lets get famous together! All I need is your help and support. Im a blogging Channel just like yourself or whatever content you make! What I want to do is be able to help each and every one of you all become famous just like I want to! Now all we need to do is get one of us famous. I know it...
  7. Rita-Marie Hartford


    Since apparently I was violating the rules. Sorry. Won't happen again. Talking about how many subscribers I have.
  8. Aaron Ceballos

    NEW SHOUT OUT SERIES (Post in Thread if you want a Shout out)

    So I recently hit my first 100 subscribers. and i thought, why not help other people reach that goal (you can still ask for a shout out if you have over 100) there is no requirements to get a shout out. i see others doing series like this and ask for people to be subbed to them to get a...
  9. Tyhd

    Shoutout Sundays: The New Scam

  10. TTC

    Shoutout Series!

    Hey guys, On my channel I have been doing a shoutout series (Currently done 9 so far!) My link on yt talk doe3snt work just type in TTCPRO1 and it should come up (TC: 400Subs!) CONTACT ME ON TWITTER: Vein_TC There is no requirements to enter :)
  11. TheZombieHunter23

    Request I was wondering if someone could make me a profile picture

    I was wondering if you guys could make me a profile picture on YouTube for free. If you have a channel I will give you a shoutout! I sorta lacking budget right now which is why I'm requesting one for free!
  12. Boggen Bupis

    Services Logos for shoutouts!!

    I do logos but only with letters I'm not good with animation. I like to do simple clean cut logos with minimal colors. I will do a logo for a shoutout but only if you have around 30+ subs so I can get a return. If you do not have 30+ subs we can maybe work something out. To contact me faster my...
  13. AoiZasso

    Services Graphics for shoutouts

    I'm offering high-quality graphics (Thumbnails, Banners, etc.) in exchange for shoutouts. If you're interested contact me on Skype: dubstepandbears. Here's some examples of my work:
  14. AJ Bruh

    Request [YTtalk Cash] Need Channel Banner and Logo (shoutout and yttalk cash)

    I'm looking for a simple channel banner and a channel logo; something bright and creative as well. Add me on skype or I'll add you!
  15. iambreece

    Comedy [closed] Shoutouts?

    Hey everybody! I've done one or two shoutouts on my twitter before, but now I'm thinking of doing more! Who needs promoting? In case you didn't know, videos in my channel fall into the YTP comedic editing category. Love comedy, and hoping to discover some great channels! To build upon...
  16. Sage Plays

    Sage's Sunday Shoutout #2! Are you in it?

  17. Challenge this

    Request [Free] ill give shoutout for new intro and banner

    hi guys I'm willing to give a shoutout and even put you in my featured channel section if you can make me a good intro and banner. I have 2k subs as of now and my channel subs are active so it will help you channel out guaranteed
  18. BIGtheRED

    Gaming Prospecting for a video or channel collab?

    Hey guys! I posted a similar thread about a week ago. Sadly, it was a big post, and seems like not many people read it. Anyways, I am one of five members of a Youtube group called Confidence Crew. We're looking to push ourselves to the next milestone (200 subs), I figured this might be a good...
  19. Sage Plays

    Sage's Sunday Shoutout 1

    If you want a shoutout next week follow these steps : 1. Subscribe to my channel 2. Like this video 3. Comment channel name
  20. Sage Plays

    Other Sage's Sunday Shoutouts

  21. SandbergPhilip078

    Request [Free] Intro? +Shoutout as thanks

    Hi guys my name is SandbergPhilip078 on youtube and I got quickly bored of my intro so if someone could do a cool intro would be greatful + maybe a shoutout to your channel as thanks :D
  22. AJ Bruh

    Request [Free] I would like a channel Icon and Banner! I will give a shoutout!

    I would love a channel icon and banner because I believe these are holding me back. My color scheme is orange and a light blue. I will post my current banner, which has my colors, and I will post the idea of what I want my Icon to be (An "A" connected to a "J"). Nothing too complex, but somewhat...
  23. Tayo

    Request [FREE] Will Give A Shoutout For Awesome Intro

    If money wasn't an issue, i.e. only a student at the moment, I would be willing to pay for amazing content. So I run a gaming channel and my theme has always been purple, white, black, and yellow. Here's my current banner to give you an idea: I'm looking for something smokey and have the...
  24. TTC

    Gaming Ps4 Collab! Need Youtubers To Feature! Bo3! AND SHOUTOUTS?!

    Hey guys I'm looking for people to collaborate with, I'm thinking about creating a challenge of bo3 ( Kill race with a certain class etc) I need people to feature In this new series! (Ps4) if you guys want to be in it make sure to contact me on. Twitter: Vein_TC YouTube: TTCPRO1 ( If URL...
  25. Shehzad

    Are Shoutout Channels Bad? - Black Ops 3 Live Commentary

    What's up guys am ganna be talking about shoutout channels today and why a lot of them can hurt your views even if you get a ton of subscribers from it. It does not automatically mean you will be getting a lot of views and that your viewer retention will suddenly go up. I'll be talking about...
  26. Bre

    Great Dane Puppy Q&A

    Hey Guys, so I recently brought home my new fur baby. Zoe is a 10 week old great dane puppy, I got her 3 weeks ago.I wanted to introduce her to my viewers on my channel but I feel like most pet tags are pretty basic. So I wanted to do it more Q&A style! If you have can come up with any question...
  27. AuthorFilms Studios

    How useful are TY shoutouts?

    So, a good friend of mine is going to give me a shoutout on their twitter page. They have 6000 legitimate followers, each tweet gets up to 300 likes and they get over 100,000 tweet impressions monthly. They are giving my YT channel a shoutout on their tweets for 1 month. How many subsribers do...
  28. rmenga4

    Other Who wants a shoutout on The Friday Night Hangout tonight?

    Hey guys! Who would like to have a shoutout tonight on The Friday Night Hangout? Reply here and you will get a shoutout from me tonight.
  29. BuBleuX45

    Request In Need Of Intro For Shout Out!

    Hey, I need someone to create an intro for me. I will give you a shout out and link your channel. If your interested add my Skype BuBleuX45 :)
  30. CubizFIFA

    Need Channel Graphics For Shoutout

    Shoutout: If the Graphics you make are good, and I approve of it going onto my YouTube Channel I will give you a shoutout. I average about 75 Views per video (I know its not that much) but if you are interested in maybe getting your Graphics, a bit more "out there" I think this could help. Also...