1. rmenga4

    Other Who wants a shoutout this Friday on The Friday Night Hangout?

    Hey guys! Now that Christmas and the New Year is over, who would like to have a shoutout from me this Friday on my popular web show, The Friday Night Hangout? If you don't know what The Friday Night Hangout is, TFNH is a web show where me and some special guests talk about the news that has...
  2. Roux Harbour

    BIRTHDAY ShoutOuts!^^

    Hia, I'm Roux, Nice To "Meet" You!^^ LOL Anyways, I Was Thinking About Potentially Doing Birthday.ShoutOuts In Future Videos Of Mine, What Do Y'all Think? :) Any Takers? ^^ Any Birthday-Girls/Boys Out There Want Some Extra Attention On Their Birthday? :happy: Let Me Know!^^
  3. Challenge this

    Request HELP! Ill feature your channel on mine

    Hey guys if any of you who knows how to make a good outro, animated intro, or animated style banner for my eating challenge channel id love to feature your channel on mine to help grow your channel. let me know if you want to help so I can help in return. also I will give a shoutout and a direct...
  4. TheViralKing

    Gaming Looking for Black Ops 3 Youtubers or Streamers!!!

    What is up people, i am Dominic aka TheViralKing i am a 20 year old Belgian guy (but don't worry i speak good english) and i am looking for people to collaborate and network with i personally own Black Ops 3 on PS4 and PC so if you are on those then feel free to add me PSN: TheViralKing PC...
  5. L

    Review My Quality Please

    Let me know what you think about my audio! Also let me know about anything I could improve on! All constructive criticism appreciated !