1. Codger

    New Tab

    I have my duckduckgo search to automatically switch to a new tab when I select some item in the search results. On YouTube, the only way to get a selection to open in a new tab is to right-click on a specific YouTube and select "Open link in new tab". It would be so much easier to have a...
  2. mumblez207

    OBS Streaming help

    Hello everyone I have been trying to work with OBS to stream and I have a weird lag situation and want to try to figure this out. So my game itself will be running fine but it will be lagging in the OBS window I have on my other monitor. Any ideas what this could be weather it's hardware or...
  3. ReeceS

    video setting for Premire Pro

    any 1 recommend the best settings to use for video editing from capture setting (DV/HDV) to the best setting to use when exporting videos 4 youtube
  4. ImChazza

    Any tips for recording in OBS?

    Recently I have started recording with OBS because GeForce had too many inconsistencies. Just wondered if anyone has any small tips or pieces of advice?
  5. NatalieBrownSings

    Help? Settings say I disabled monetization, but I didn't.

    Hi everyone! Hoping someone can help me out with a strange issue. I signed up and got YT Partnership years ago (I am Partner Verified) but haven't been doing much on my channel for the last 8 years. I'm just about to get my channel started up again. I was checking over my dashboard today and...
  6. SeanFace101

    Where can i see a list of all the people that subscribe to me?

    Where abouts in my YouTube settings / account can I find a list of all the people that subscribe to my channel? That is, if this is even possible and there is such a page? :P
  7. SeanFace101

    What happens when i tick: "Set as official series for this playlist"?

    What does having the option "Set as official series for this playlist" do to the playlist? Whats the difference between a playlist with this on and one with it off?
  8. P

    Can I disable annotations/watermark from showing on one upload?

    But still be visible on the rest of my videos. Basically is there anyway for this particular video to have annotations automatically disabled for the audience? Thanks in advance for any replies!
  9. SeanFace101

    Where is the Settings Page to link to my YouTube to my Facebook/Twitter?

    Where is the settings page in my YouTube Account to link to my YouTube to my Facebook and/or Twitter so that when I upload/like a video it shares the video?
  10. Wimbus

    Help with youtube site settings!

    I looked at my channel as a new visitor would see it and noticed that at the bottom, my 3 older videos are popping up over my newest ones (and my old ones are bad because I wasn't using a mic). Any idea how I can change this and make the 3 videos that show up to be my most recent videos or 3...
  11. MadJack

    Adobe Premier Pro CS6 (Custom Settings Help)

    Hello Everyone, So I was wondering if anyone with experience with Premier Pro could help me with setting up a custom preset which I could start to use. I normally record at 60fps and files mp4. which helps a lot in my case. Does anyone have any suggestions what so ever? It would help out a lot...
  12. mantic59

    Effects of Changing Video Privacy Setting?

    Maybe my google-fu or yttalk-fu is not masterful enough because I cannot find an "authoritative" answer to this question so I'm coming to the collective. ;) If I have a video set to Unlisted or Private privacy, then make it Public, do my subscribers get notified as if it were a "new" video...
  13. It's Lenka

    How to create multi-language channel?

    Hey guys! I'd love to create a multi-language channel. I'd upload videos and create subtitles in various languages. Then I'd love to create a separate playlist for each language, where when people who speak that particular language can watch it and it automatically turns on the subtitles of...
  14. Mattaxol

    What do you use to record? (Gamers)

    What do you use to record, edit etc and what settings/misc... I use OBS 720p60fps, and I edit with Sony Vegas Pro 13. I also use an app called NoiseGator that actively removes background noise by adding a noise gate. Great app :) What do you use to record/edit? Any discrete/uncommon apps to...