Effects of Changing Video Privacy Setting?


Maybe my google-fu or yttalk-fu is not masterful enough because I cannot find an "authoritative" answer to this question so I'm coming to the collective. ;)

If I have a video set to Unlisted or Private privacy, then make it Public, do my subscribers get notified as if it were a "new" video? Will it show up in their "subscriptions" queue even though the video itself might have been uploaded some time ago?

My concern is if I use TubeBuddy's "schedule go live" function (which sets it as Unlisted then changes it to Public at a specific date/time) on a video I may have loaded a couple weeks ago, my subscribers won't see it in their queue.

Advice? :thx:
I'm not sure whether you get notified, I'd assume not as unlisted is technically released since it's out but can't find it. I don't know though and could be wrong but you can use YouTubes scheduling feature. It makes it private until release and sends it out as if you'd just released it, you can also set tweets and so on!
It comes up as a new video. I used to worry about the same thing, so I used my personal YouTube account to subscribe and see how it works. We're safe!