1. OndaWire

    Is Google Listening?

    Is @Google listening? Ever since @amazon has been in the news for listening to our conversations, my phone's voice dictation has not been the same. Check out this 2 minute quick video and tell me your thoughts. #tech #news #technews #review
  2. V

    Youtube suggests unlisted videos to other people.

    Hello. Recently I uploaded a very scandalous interview recording to youtube and set it to "unlisted" for a very small number of people to see. (22 people ended up seeing this video) Soon I found out from my friends, (who never received my unlisted interview link) that this interview video was...
  3. Kath

    Privacy, Stolen Videos, Fake Channel, Youtube will not help

    Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've been here. I am in dire need of help :( I let my son have a Youtube channel, he's only 10 years old. I thought I was doing everything right, gave him a list of rules, watched everything he was making, no swearing etc etc.... Well someone made a fake...
  4. A

    Need help to get my video removed made & uploaded by someone else

    Hi, Somebody made a video of mine & uploaded on youtube, im from somewhere where there,s no freedom of speech, if my video gets to the governement agences, there would a reaction from them, because of that video my and my family's life is in danger, the uploader wrote my name in video...
  5. ChimpTv

    Is there video editor software as easy to use as Movavi but more feature rich?

    Hi, My channel creates car crash compilation videos from around the world. The people I get my videos from often ask for identifying marks to be covered up. I use Movavi video editor because it is sooo simple to quickly splice up and edit clips. The only problem with Movavi is there are not...
  6. mantic59

    Effects of Changing Video Privacy Setting?

    Maybe my google-fu or yttalk-fu is not masterful enough because I cannot find an "authoritative" answer to this question so I'm coming to the collective. ;) If I have a video set to Unlisted or Private privacy, then make it Public, do my subscribers get notified as if it were a "new" video...