1. Fusion

    quality problems

    When I render a video I set it to 1080p. And the mp4. file is the quality I asked for but if I upload that mp4. file to youtube it's set to 360p although on my pc the file is still high quality. This happened to my last 5 videos. Can someone please help me because now it seams that I record and...
  2. Divergence

    Services Professional logos at budget prices [Edited with link]

    Hi folks, Now I don't work for these guys, but they are doing my logo and if you know these YouTubers Ali-A, Nadeshot etc they made their logos and brands and they also make websites, motion intros and banners. I just thought I'd give them a shout out on here as they are working on my new logo...
  3. jAzZmAz

    Services JZ Edits - Professional Graphic Design

    About Me Hey, I'm Jazz, a student, and I do graphic design as a hobby. I've been doing GFX now for about 4 years, and love to be creative and help people out with their graphic design needs. To begin with, as I get integrated into the community, my work will be free, but that might change over...
  4. Viral Joy

    Review my video and I'll review yours!

    I have started my channel recently and since then I've been working on making everything about my videos as flawless as possible, considering the quality of the found material I work with. Please give me your feedback on my video, and I will do the same for you for at least the next three days.
  5. JuicyDuckWild


    Hey guys, i've kinda been doubting my channel art, thumbanils, etc. I devoloped a style for making them but I really want to know if they are any good or not... A few people said It sucked, so I felt I needed opinions. If you want to visit my channel, just search up juicyduckwild on google...
  6. HighSocietyGaming

    Thumbnail Feedback

    Thanks! I have asked a few of my friends what they think about my thumbnails and they think they look great, but since they are my friends, I have no idea if they may be just a little biased. I am implementing something new to my thumbnails every now and then, but so far what does everyone...
  7. BlueBin

    Reducing File Size, Keeping Quality

    What are some of the ways you reduce the file size on your videos? My videos are around 4gb after Final Cut Pro and that is obviously far too large to upload. I've heard of Handbrake but I find that does actually lower the quality, I play handbrake file and original next to each other and can...
  8. Lexplays

    Lex Plays: Gameplay, Skits, and Commentary!

    Hello fellow YouTubers, I started my YouTube channel a little while ago but never really took take of it or uploaded decent videos, until now that is. I just recently put a lot of effort into sprucing up my channel with a new banner, brand new thumbnail designs, and a different take on my video...
  9. O

    Recording help?

    Hi Is there any camera/cameras you could recommend for me to fit perfect into the kind of business/category I am spending my time on?
  10. The Enterprise

    How to Increase Audio Quality?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here on YTtalk! Almost two weeks ago I released my first video on my channel, The Enterprise, and, among other things that need improvement, audio quality is lacking in my opinion. How would I go about making my audio sound more professional? My setup is a...
  11. Amalia

    How To Improve The Audio Quality of Your Video

    Hey guys, so I just got the criticism that my audio quality isn't that good, and I've actually noticed it myself. So I want to hear different opinions on how to change and improve it - what do you guys recommend? Should I buy a microphone? Or a software? Sorry, I'm really not good at these...
  12. MaxStudio

    found a usefull program

    hey guys, i found a program that records everything you play whitout you doing anything. its really usefull for when you did a cool tric like 360 noscope, ... and you can always find it back. :D and its usefull for starters to record because its free and high quality. :p it is calded plays tv...
  13. Nick Nicolaou

    Can't get decent MP4 quality for Youtube

    Hello everyone I do apologize if this has come up before but I've spent the last few days trying find a solution to my problem but to no avail. I'm trying to set up a gaming channel on Youtube and for the past few days I've been recording gameplay footage using a variety of software: OBS...
  14. SpiderGoose

    Upload Quality Problems?

    So I've been testing out how to get the best quality out of my uploads and I'm having a problem because my rendered video looks nice, and then once uploaded to youtube, it looks a lot worse than the rendered video. Anyone know any possible solutions? And yes, the video has been uploaded in...
  15. bxnsfilms

    Services Cheap Banners and Intros!!

    I can create cheap introductions and banners for your channels! I charge $5 for an Introduction that is whatever you would like! I charge $5 for a Banner for your channel, completely customized. If you are at all interested, please do feel free to send me an email to: ben.1997@live.ca Also, if...
  16. Moses Minchuk

    Quality or Quantity?

    What is better when starting out? Quality or quantity? or should I do both?
  17. mastorus

    What type of mic should I use?

    I make gaming videos with commentary (Which aren't very good, but I'll improve eventually) and I use a decent headset, but I was wondering if I should switch to a normal microphone. I'm not taking mic quality to a count, just wihch one would be better in general. And I'm not talking about which...
  18. Purely Peña

    Please review my lighting and sound quality on my Atheist story time video

    Hey everyone, I want to buy lighting and sound equipment but financially, can not afford both right now, so need to choose one or the other. Could you all please check out my Coming out story : Atheist video, and let me know if you think my sound and lighting need more work? Are they good...
  19. AlbaLnz

    What makes YOU genuine among the rest of YouTubers?

    I keep reading about branding and making something different although it is quite hard when there is such a huge variety of channels and content. I’ve come to realize that in the end, it is your personality and how you approach to people in many cases what attracts them and makes them follow...