1. thebluehand

    Please review my channel, take 5 mins of your day to make mine better,much appreciated.

    So, i at least expect to read that the channels theme and layout is headed in right direction, but pls feel free to be honest and direct. channel is about anime / Manga, Saint Seiya. i´m bilingual, but the reason why is because i want to bring Saint Seiya to english speaking audiences, i know...
  2. S

    Voice Acting Need voice actors

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can voice as Sebastian from Black Butler. In the future, I am planning some comic dubs or manga dubs of Black Butler. Let me know if you want to voice as him. I can give out the information and the scripts on what to say.
  3. ToxinStorm

    Other Do you like Anime and Manga? I have an idea that can get us to the next level on YT!

    Hello, to keep things short and straight to the point, I am looking for 3 individuals who are fans of anime and manga. I will be going into more detail once I choose you to be a part of the team. These 3 individuals will help me gather information from specific anime and manga and presenting me...
  4. TeeBry

    Bleach Live Action Trailer Reaction!!

    Today I watched the trailer for the new live action Bleach yeah this is that.
  5. TeeBry


    Hey guys I wasn't sure what category to put this under so I went with other. Anyways if anyone is interested in manga on this site I often do hauls like the one here. Enjoy :) Also if you make anime or manga related content please get in touch with me! I'm always on the hunt for channels similar...
  6. Nazo The Weeb

    100 Subscriber Special for an Anime Channel?

    I've recently passed 100 subscribers on my anime channel and was currently getting ready to make a 100 subscriber special for my viewers. I was mainly planning to make video of me describing my favorite anime in a comedic way, but I also wanted to see if there is anything else I could take upon...
  7. R

    Animation Animator for manga

    So I need someone who can draw well enough for my manga we could work together to make the manga so I need someone to draw for me and if you have any ideas you can tell me if you are interested comment on yttalk or my youtube channel called rubiex12
  8. KillSscope

    Other Looking for a team of dedicated Individuals to help manage the Superhero Based Content On My Channel

    Looking for a team of dedicated individuals to help me with creating original and unique superhero based content. My channel consists of: TV Show and Movie Reviews, Superhero Video Game Concepts, Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe discussions, Occasional, Anime and Manga News...
  9. Rolz

    Anime to watch?

    Whats going on guys :) I released my latest video yesterday - it covers some awesome anime shows as well as movies! Be sure to check it out if you're looking for something new to watch!
  10. Rolz

    THICC JUICY Anime girls!

    Once again bordering on the inappropriate but keeping within the lines imo ;) I show off the top 5 THICC anime girls, well imo! Take a peek, yeah you know you want to! ;) A sub would be appreciated if you enjoy it and stay tuned for more anime vids :D !! Thanks for watching!:bounce:
  11. Rolz

    Guessing Anime with Memes???

    Hey guys, if you enjoy anime and memes then check out my latest video! If you enjoy anything anime or tech related be sure to check out my channel :) Thank you and thanks for watching! :bounce: Help me reach my goal of 200 subs! :bounce: :help:
  12. Rolz


    Hey guys, I just dropped my latest anime list video! I cover my top 5 uncensored anime! Of course its all about the "plot" and "backstory";) however jokes aside some of them do actually have meaningful story lines and characters. I recommend checking them out, not just for the...
  13. Kasagi

    Channel ideas ?

    hey guys, as of now I have 3 channels ( metal music, dance music and gaming ) yeah odd mix I know I was thinking of doing a manga/anime review type thing to as nothing I do now reviews anything, it's mainly creative production Basically wondering if this is a good idea or not worth the time ?
  14. Taunri

    Other Colab

    Hey there, im just looking for a few youtubers to colab with, i run a small anime based channel, 1k plus subs and around 220k views, so am looking to grow with some colabs if possible.
  15. Doctor Dano

    Collab CO-OP speedpainting!

    I am looking for a digital artist that wants to CO-OP in a speed-painting, from the comfort of your own home. XD Requirements: - Photoshop software for digital art - Record screen software - Minimum average 100 views per video (or more) - Minimum 80 subs on your channel (or more) - Drawing...
  16. Rolz

    Top 5 Most Anticipated Anime of 2017!

    What's good guys! Are you overloaded with an ever increasing list of anime to watch? Well scrap that! Here are 5 of the most anticipated and thus MUST WATCH anime of 2017! If you have any suggestions of what I should've included let me know! I'm always keen to see what other people enjoy and are...
  17. sphamedia

    The Eldritch Master of Body Horror - Junji Ito

  18. WinterstrikegamingYT


    Hey guys and girls welcome to the my forum and basically straight to the point.I need people to help me accomplish this goal of creating an anime and who knows we might even get it aired on tv with toei animation.The anime I wish to create is similar to one piece but not exactly.Leave your skype...
  19. wabz

    Other Niche Anime Reviewer in New York Looking to Make New Friends

    Hi Everyone, WabinoSabi here! I’m looking to meet or collab with fellow anime reviewers/ Japanese Culture enthusiasts. I post reviews of kind of darker stuff (Inside Mari manga, Aku no Hana manga, Recently did a Perfect Blue movie review) and I’m also into psychological thrillers. Don’t get me...
  20. Anjim

    When Animation Quality Goes Wrong In Anime

    This video is inspired by CJ Vs. Manga "When Anime Goes Wrong" - Anime Midwest 2016 panel
  21. EmmanuelJolly

    Other Art Collaborations!

    My name is Emmanuel and i run an Art YouTube channel. I make ''How To Draw'' videos and i was looking for people that upload similar content to mine. I'm looking for people to collaborate with, if you don't upload ''How To Draw'' videos but your content is Art related, i would still be very...
  22. Anjim

    Anime theories = Bleach and Fairy Tail

    What do you guys think?
  23. xKhaotixs

    Story Telling Tips & Tricks Anyone?

    Hello everyone who is reading this I have a question as an armature artist and story teller and that would be What are some good tips and tricks to improve your story telling skills or style of writing? Currently I'am writing a manga, but having trouble progressing the story. If anyone has any...
  24. K

    Animation Who wants to collab with toad

    erm im been doing youtube for a few months now and have about 33 subs, if u like anime maybe we could discuss it on skype and talk about fantasy fights or specific anime. anyways my channel name is KungFuToad you can message me on youtube and ill be sure to reply and hopefully we could talk...
  25. Anjim

    Animation Calling all Anime/Manga Youtubers

    Hey I am looking for some anime/manga Youtubers to do a manga read along, discussion about series and Japanese culture. If you are interested Inbox me on my channel Anjim 2.0 and we will figure about a schedule. Together will can grow! We can do Skype or Google Hangout. Note: their is not...
  26. eliann88

    Other Want help making a manga!

    So, here's the deal, me and my friend are creating a manga (Zombie/action/romance) and need some help, we need help with the story line, (I'm helping with that) the drawing, (my friend is helping with that) and coloring and effects, and other various things, because if it goes well, we might...
  27. C

    40 Subscribers!!!

    Hey guys, thanks to this community of amazing people I was able to reach 40 subscribers in barely 10 days. So, Thank You.
  28. M

    What do you honestly think about my channel?

    Hey. What's up, guys? On YouTube, I'm Sirmel11. I make videos talking about anime, manga, video games, cartoons, and more but I never really saw growth for my channel. Really in recent years, my subscribers grew but I think that's because of my change in video style. Originally I used a bad...
  29. TheOtakuGod

    Other Need Members For An Anime/Manga/Gaming Podcast

    Hello, if you are reading this hopefully you are interested. Here is something that i have wanted to start a while ago. I have been wanting to start a weekly podcast or every other week podcast about upcoming anime, news, gaming, and other stuff related to the subject. Here are some requirements...
  30. Saiko+ LA

    Other Saiko+ wants to feature YOU!

    Good day! I am Lea Cedeno, the Youtube Manager of Saiko+. Are you YouTuber inclined in making videos everything related to Games, Comic, Anime, Manga and Cosplay, AMV's and Nightcore, Fan Made Movies and Stop Motion Animations? Then you are perfect for us! [Edited by Staff] We are very...