What do you honestly think about my channel?

Hey. What's up, guys? On YouTube, I'm Sirmel11.

I make videos talking about anime, manga, video games, cartoons, and more but I never really saw growth for my channel. Really in recent years, my subscribers grew but I think that's because of my change in video style.

Originally I used a bad webcam to talk about topics and record my video gameplay. Next, I used my iPod to record myself talking about topics. Finally, I started using my computer mic, scripted videos, and pictures in the video.

What can I do to maximize growth for my channel and stand among the great people in the community? What do you like or dislike about my channel? Basically tell me how to improve my channel. I have various videos on my channel so I'm sure you can find a topic you're interested in and hear my thoughts on it to see what I can do to improve my channel. What do you think about my channel?

I've been told to put my face in videos because for some reason people connect with a face more? I've also been told to include more images. That's cool and all but I won't be showing my face. Sorry. The images thing is a problem because of the program I use to edit. If you can suggest an editor that is easy to use for free, I can download it and use more images. It's not trouble.