1. SandManOnly

    Request Donate Your Services to Me.

    So I want a brand new logo and banner for my youtube possibly green and black to be the main colors, I want something simple for the banner like just the name, for the logo I would like the letters SMO to be combined like randomfrank's logo. I will pay 50$ cash (the cash from this website) and a...
  2. CorinneBryan

    Request Channel design

    I'm a beauty channel and just want a nice simple basic but cute channel design, whats the best software or website to create a better banner/logo on. Thnakyou :D
  3. B

    Problematic choice of logo colors?

    I am a complete beginner in content creation, just finalizing the general designs for my videos (comedic animations), and I have a little trouble making last touches to my logo design, which I intend to have present at all times in all of my videos in the bottom left corner of the screen. The...
  4. EliteGenetix

    Request Want a new logo as I am rebranding myself!

    My new name is Loré. Would like a slick Black/grey/white/yellow logo! Would love for it to say Loré. Something that looks like the image below! Email for more details! Gmail- Elitegenetix@gmail.com
  5. G

    Request [FREE] In need of a intro , logo & banner

    Hello , im a small youtuber & i was wondering if someone could make me a matching intro , logo & banner for my youtube , i prefer Black, white & grey colors, i like a clean look, music wise i like slow rap beats & slow dubstep/ dubstep rap remixes, for my banner i just want something that has a...
  6. Johnny Kag

    I re-designed my channel!

    So, my sister and I are now working on our new upload schedule and we just finished our first week running it! I re-designed everything on our channel, I created 4 new logos, 3 for our weekly shows and 1 for our channel, I made the intros, an outro and the banner! (Also got new lighting, but is...
  7. E

    Request Looking for an eSports logo [FREE]

    Hey people it is me Enivix here and I am looking for anyone to make me an eSports logo if you don't know what that is search it up on google. Please Skype me at KookeeMunsterMC so we can talk. Please draw it out then put it on Adobe Illustrator to make it. I would like it to be a Wolf and make...
  8. E

    Request Looking for a 3d or 2d logo with the letter "E"

    Can anyone make me a 3d or 2d logo with the letter E please? don't do any effect or don't add any backgrounds just make the logo in photoshop or illustrator. Send me the logo to josephscalco123@gmail.com
  9. Tech2025

    Finished/Closed Free GFX!

    Hello Everyone! I just joined this forum but I notice a lot of YouTubers like/need some Quality GFX. I Could make some free HD GFX, My Specialty is making Minecraft GFX, but that doesn't mean I cant make any other type of GFX! :) If our interested leave a request below, or message me...
  10. DJfooddestroyer

    Request [Free] (Channel Art) Logo And Banner

    Hey At The Moment I Have A Minecraft Banner And Logo Which No Longer Suits My Needs As I Now record Videos Such As Agar.io, Minecraft, Gta5 And Happy Wheels So What I Need Now Is A Cool Logo Which Either Has A Cartoon Version Of Me Or One That Says DJFD As Well As A Banner That Says...
  11. Minix | Graphics Designer

    Services Professional, Affordable, High Quality Graphics - Thumbnails, Banner, Logos ect -MinixDesignsit-

    MinixDesignsIt -- Affordable, Professional, High Quality Graphics! *Skip if you don't care* Hi guys i'm Minix I have been doing graphics for a wile now, I can't remember how long ago my first sale was but I have defensively improved since and lets just say I was lucky to get a job at graphics...
  12. M

    Request New logo (Free)

    I need a new logo for my YouTube channel called Mind Blown. I make GTA V and Call of duty content and I was hoping to have some characters built in, if its not to difficult. Thanks!
  13. McNuggetsPro

    Finished/Closed :(

    Guess this is closed now.... Guess I have to wait 3 years to be able to afford YouTube.
  14. TheResonantGamer

    Request Redesigning of Network Logo

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone to do a new logo for my network. pm me to get the current Velocity logo and a picture of a logo i'd like my new logo to be similar too, as i cant seem to attach them to this post. Atm the only way we can pay you is through shoutouts and a link to your social...
  15. CLeVeR BoY

    Request Need help with my logo ( YouTube channel)

    Hello guys, I have a YouTube channel and I need help, I went having logo , how describe me like faze wartek , but I don't know how I create it. I need a person who can create one for me and in exchange I can advertise him in the social network I have a gaming YouTube channel with 660...
  16. E

    Photoshop Logo - speedart - | #1

    This is my first video .
  17. Rolz


    Hi guys,do you know how I get that watermark/kind of overlay of my channel logo to appear in my videos in the bottom right like some YouTubers have? Thank you
  18. Wallz

    Request I need help creating a logo..

    So, I wanted to make my channel branding look really good but the problem is i cant think of a logo. I see that other people already have really nice logos and I'm thinking that It's maybe the reason why they all have more subscribers than me. Also If you could help me with improving my branding...
  19. Lizzeelive

    I have some questions about creating a Logo!

    Although I like to think of myself as a creative person, I have threw out all of my ideas. So, I have some questions about creating a good logo. Lets start with the basics! What software do I need to use? How big should it be? Should it be simple or complex? Should it contain text? If you can...
  20. Gameoverjack

    Services GOJDesigns' Affordable, Quality Graphics

  21. Danielfirth

    Request Looking for a skilled GFX designer [FREE]

    Hello YTTalk Community! I am looking for a skilled GFX designer who would be able to create me some amazing graphical work for my YouTube channel! My channel is fairly new and I am wanting to vamp it up to make it look more professional and appealing to new people! The ideas that i have are...
  22. sincere tk

    Services $5 Social Media Banners & Logos

    Check it out! I will design any logo or banner creatively for $5 on
  23. C

    Request In need of BANNER, LOGO, INTRO

    Hey, I'm in need of a banner, logo, and intro for my channel. Recently started a YouTube and hoping to grow in the YouTube community!
  24. Bow2WildChicken

    Request I need an awesome banner and logo!

    I need an awesome Pollo loco logo (see what i did there?) and an awesome banner! All i ask is it be a cartoonish style and fit in my wild chicken theme :) Other than that, let your creativity free! You can brand it if you want so anyone who sees it will know its creator, i dont mind. If you have...
  25. M3CHAN1SM

    Request New Channel Avatar

    If there is any Kind Person out there willing to help a new youtuber, i would very much like a new, free channel profile picture, The background can be anything but it has to very technological, metal or beams should be fine. There also has to be a mechanical being of some kind with Glowing...
  26. SmokeySpace

    New Avatar/Logo plz!

    For anyone who has any ideas, because I do not, I would like a new logo and I don't have much money right now so if you are willing to do one for free, that would be great! I would like a logo with 2 S's but 1 is ok too if you have an idea. Also I have been looking for something unique. Doesn't...
  27. A

    I need criticism please!

    How are my logo and channel art? Just want to see what people think. I made it with Gimp 2.0.
  28. OracleGraphics

    Services Oracle GFX Shop | Professional and Affordable Graphics

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Who Am I ? Hi there, I'm Michael or you can call me Oracle :) I'm a student and also a freelance designer. I do a bunch of designing in my free time and gain pretty much experienced across years doing graphics. In my free...
  29. born2bleach

    Services FREE Gfx / logos / banners / etc

    I make pretty good gfx / banners / etc :) here are some examples right click and "open new tab" 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. skype : partyxxbot
  30. born2bleach

    Request Willing to Trade GFX 4 Intro / Outro

    I make pretty good gfx / banners / etc :) here are some examples right click and "open new tab" 1. 2. 3. 4. contact : born2bleach