1. R

    Request I Need A YouTube Logo/Avatar Made

    I will be giving a shout out on my channel (3.4k subscribers) to anyone who can make me a nice logo which i can use in my videos. I already have a general sketch/Idea of how I want my logo to look, but I would like a person to make a better and proper version for me :D Below you will see a rough...
  2. Richard Rumble

    Services The Full Works!

    Recent Media Production Graduate happy to offer the services of my team! All Peices of media will come with 2 free corrections. Make sure you tell us all required information we need to change in great detail so we can get it as close to what you want as possible. What we offer: Design - £3+...
  3. Omnicide

    Services Get Custom Professional Logos and Banners (GFX) Made TODAY!

    Hey there im a Graphics Designer and I'll make you a high quality custom logo/banner etc. (piece of advertisement) for a small fee usually no more than $4.99. You can find examples of my work on my sellfy: VectorDesigns Feel free to contact me on officialvectordesigns@gmail.com if interested...
  4. Oparer

    Request Logo For My Youtube - Can Be Paid

    Hey guys! So recently I've been wanting a logo for my youtube. I'm thinking just my minecraft face, but stylized similar to what the yogscast have. Please feel free to ask questions :) A good picture to get an understanding is my profile pic and if you need more reference watch a minecraft...
  5. I

    Request Banner and Logo

    Can anyone make me any YouTube banners and logos and in return you can write your name in the corner of them.
  6. UnKnown

    Request Free intro for me :(

    Could somebody make an free intro for my channel? Instead i am gonna make full channel art! My Skype name is UnKnown!
  7. Birkir Orri

    Services FREE CHANNEL ART WORK!! (Banner, Thumbnails, Outros)

    Hi guys i'm willing to make some free channel art for your channel to make it look better! I'm learning graphic designing so my work is pretty professional. If u want any work u MUST contact me on skype- birkir.orrri or twitter- @birkiorri Examples:
  8. H

    Services HexVoltz And What I Do:

    Hey guys, I'm HexVoltz. I'm a graphic designer and video editor. Can animate, but will take longer to do than graphics (does not include outros). Well, if you need any work done, Skype me at HexVoltz. Ill do it for free as long as you give me a shout out Thanks Guys, HexVoltz
  9. Mr Danny

    Banner Help

    Hey guys! So I've had my channel for about 1,5 years and I think it's time for a change of image. I want to come up with a new design, especially for the banner. Do you guys have any tips and tricks, or just some general advice? I know the basics, like keep it relevant to your channel and your...
  10. Lcosh

    Request deleted

  11. DZaw

    Request Help with channel art would be appreciated (Free)

    Hey guys I'm new to YouTube and editing and currently don't posses the ability to create quality banners, logos, and other cool things for a successful channel. I know I don't have a large sub base but if someone could hook me up with some cool things for my channel or help teach me how to edit...
  12. D

    Request Looking for banner / Logo designer!

    Im just started YouTube and was wandering if anyone could make me a professional looking banner and or logo to better my channel.
  13. Weekend Noobs

    Request Fallout style banner and logo £££$$$

    Hi I am creating a 2nd channel dedicated to one subject alone for days when I can't meet up with my mate to record and edit for my other channel. So I am creating a channel all about fallout and it is called Fallout Archive. The channel will give lets plays but most importantly insight into...
  14. Lolzmas

    Request Looking for a Designer to make a unique Logo and Banner for Gaming Channel!!!

    Hey! I am in search of a Graphics Designer that can create a specific logo I have in mind for my gaming channel (Lolzmas). I have an idea of what I want to do but I need someone who is creative enough to actually make the design a reality! Afterwards, I would really like to go over a banner...
  15. FoldingNotes

    Revert Back To Old Logo?

    I'm feeling a bit sentimental looking at my yttalk profile picture. It looks cuter than the new logo on my channel, but I am a bit concerned with how people will react to the change. Is it okay for me to change it now or wait until sometime in the future?
  16. T

    Request Need Banner and Logo Please

    Hey guys im searching for a decent and simple banner/logo designer. I want it simple and unique please, ill promote you in every description of all my future uploads.
  17. F

    Request Need a Banner and Logo Please

    Hey guys im searching for a decent and simple banner/logo designer. I want it simple and unique please, ill promote you in every description of all my future uploads.
  18. Mr. Mythical

    Request Looking for a free logo for my channel

    Hi I'm Mr. Mythical. I'm an uprising YouTuber looking for a logo for my channel so I could stand out. I know I'm asking for a free logo channel art but I will make a whole video giving you a shout out and putting links with ur social media if u want. Reply if u are willing to make me something...
  19. TheNodeGaming


    Hello! I am TheNodeGaming, or TheNodeGraphics and I am making free graphics for whoever wants it. I am decent at what I do, I am not EXPERT or PROFESSIONAL but I can make decent banners! Logos aren't as great because I don't have the best software for it at the moment but they should still look...
  20. Channel3Gaming (Tyler)

    Request Channel Logo (Willing to pay)

    hey everyone, I'm starting a YouTube channel called channel3gaming. I'm looking for someone to design me a professional looking logo that is not only appealing but diffrent. Willing to pay if necessary
  21. ThePropHat(Tyler)

    Services [Open] Free Simple Youtube Banners and Avatars

    Please Read!!! For the time being (I don't know for how long exactly), I won't be able to finish any requests, due to my computer being broken. I am extremely sorry for those banners I could not complete. Please note that as soon as I can, I will do them. Once again, I am very, VERY sorry :(...