1. Mr.E31

    Request I need help designing a logo for my channel/T-shirts

    Hey everyone, I need help with a logo. I'm looking for someone that can design a simple logo that I can use in T-shirts and branding. I'm also looking for someone to do it on the cheap. I have the colors but other than that its I have nothing lol... Please contact me for details.
  2. CameronPSK

    Services Free Graphics, Logos, Profile Pics and Thumbnails

    Need some practice, am a freelance Graphic Designer. I'll do whatever inspires me! If you would rather have more say in what I design for you, you can feel free to drop me a PayPal donation, and I will gladly improve upon your work! Here is some of my work!
  3. Zeferus

    What Do You Think Of My Channel Design?

    I would like you guys to give me your personal opinion on my YouTube channel logo and channel art/banner and see how I can improve.
  4. TiredGiraffeHD

    Services 2D Cartoon/Drawn Graphics!

    Hello there you probably clicked on this page because you're interested in 2D cartoon/drawn graphics designs! well let me tell you something you came to the right place, here I will show you some of the graphics I made and some of the prices for my graphics! Since my graphics store is new I...
  5. M

    Does My Channel Look Professional?

    Dear all, I just downloaded Photoshop again and decided to recreate my channel design and I was wondering if my channel banner/avatar look professional with my thumbnails. Would you be more inclined to sub? Do they complement my thumbnails? Thanks for the help! Sincerely, CELLUS
  6. G

    Request I need a logo and a banner!

    Contact me at GhoulBreeze54327@gmail.com I need a Ghoul and a Breeze in the background! Thanks!
  7. MenAce

    Request (Free) I Need Banner, Logo, Music, Outro

    Anybody Know Someone? Because I Need Banner, Logo, Outro
  8. Christoverse

    Looking for feedback on my first channel logo

    Hey everyone, I've been searching far and wide for a designer to make a logo for my channel. Finally, I was able to get one done. Now that it's up on my channel, I was hoping for some feedback to see what the community thinks (ie. is it fitting for the channel, is it click worthy when shown on...
  9. Jibbsy

    Logo feedback

    Hey guys so the logo I have attached is my current logo I have just made its just a simple one that is my initials. All feedback is appreciated. Let me know whether the colours are working or what I should add or whether it stands out etc... Thanks guys
  10. H

    Request (free) someone help me by making a CARTOON LOGO or an INTRO will give shoutout!!

    Hey there I am looking for some one who is willing to help me with my youtube channel. All i want is a cartoon avatar as a png file. I will give you a shoutout on my video plus have your channel link or any link below in my description so people can have a look at your channel.I will shout you...
  11. M

    Request Looking for a logo for my band

    Hi i'm looking for a logo for my band called The Mystic Heads. we are a Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock band. We are influenced by the band Pink Floyd. We are looking to bring back the 70's and 80's Classic Rock music. We are up for any ideas (keep it a tiny bit psychedelic not too much) It...
  12. Z

    Services Graphics Revamps and More

    I just recently started graphic design for youtube. I do not have a portfolio quite yet since I just started, but if your not happy with your logo, you won't have to pay until its at your need or if you don't like it. Email me for prices: mailmlgdude@gmail.com
  13. Tyhd

    Which do you like better?

    Logo- or Banner- or
  14. xKaii

    Request Can someone make me a free intro/outro for my channel please?

    So hey, my name is Kai and I'm looking for someone to do me a nice intro / outro to be used in my videos. Your link will always be in the description of every video it is used in. Thank you for viewing.
  15. Christoverse

    Request Need a new Logo for my channel

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to have a logo done for my channel. If you're interested def let me know! I appreciate it.
  16. TaVRoS Evolve


    I create professional looking banners and logos for smaller or big channels. The example i have is a banner and it is good but better will be given! The only price i ask for is a shoutout on your channel saying i am the creator of the banner and my youtube usename is given. My channel name is...
  17. Masked Designs

    Opinions on my new logo?

    I made myself a new logo using the pen tool in Photoshop! What do you think of it? I used this as a reference image: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/199565827213776776/?from_navigate=true
  18. MenAce

    Request (Free) Logo & Banner Art

    Hello Everyone I Need A Free Logo & Banner Art
  19. bxnsfilms

    Services CHEAP YouTube Graphics, Intros, and Outros

    Are you looking to renovate your YouTube channel for a very low cost? You're in luck! For cheap, I can make the following things for you! My Services: YOUTUBE AVATAR ($10) - A high quality image (1000x1000) for your YouTube avatar (logo included) YOUTUBE BANNER ($10) - A high quality banner...
  20. Sam Graphics

    Services Cheap PROFESSIONAL Youtube package! (Banner, logo, outro)

    The best cheap professional Youtube package you can find!! Youtube package(Banner, logo, outro card) = $5 See some of my work by visiting my Portfolio! samgraphic carbonmade com Want to order? Visit my sellfy shop: /officialsamgraphics Contact: officialsamgraphics@gmail.com Skype...
  21. CartoJaryGraphics

    Services Banners, Logos, Intros, whatever you need! (Good Prices!)

    Hey guys! My name is Carter, I live in Wisconsin and I make graphic art. Read my "Information" tab under my profile or visit my website to learn why these graphics are different than others! seriously, read it first to understand what's going on and stuff. How to contact me? My email is...
  22. ProbablyKactus

    Request (Free) YouTube Banner/Logo

    Hello, I was hoping someone would be able help me out with these things as what I have set up is very plain and basic.
  23. Jate

    Request Channel Logo (Free)

    Hey, I am Jate and Im looking for a logo for my channel. First off I will gladly shout you out, and be very grateful. In terms of what I want for the logo I am not sure, that's the main reason I am asking other people. I have adequate photoshop skills, but I am not sure what to make mine. For...
  24. MisguidedGaming

    Request Can anyone make me a good "free" banner(s), logo(s), and thumbnail(s) for my gaming video

    I've been looking around on these forums and struggling to find someone who wouldnt mind working with me for free caust atm i am unable to pay anyone. I'm not asking for anything super fantasy just "simple but effective" <- is good enough for me I need a new intro, and outro. I want to use...
  25. Lee Capel

    Services Free Banners/Logo's

    Hey guys, kinda new here... I'm wanting to build a bit of a Portfolio of work so will be doing some free work. If you're interested, I'll need: Your favorite/brand colors and patterns If you have your own logo PM me it
  26. NekroBaer

    Services Full Branding Kit: Youtube / Facebook / Twitter

    Hey there! You obviously need a branding kit for your social media channels! Luckily, I will offer you my service for that. The things you get for ordering: - Facebook Cover Image - Youtube One Header / Avatar Picture / Thumbnail -Twitter Background You can tell me your favourite colours and...
  27. Toasticle

    Request [FREE] Animated Toast/Channel Logo

    Could anyone please make me an image for a YouTube logo? I would like it to be an animated slice of toast with like a mouth and a nose and legs as such, would like it to be human like! Would prefer if someone could do this free? Reply if you can do this :)
  28. Gods of Odds

    Request [YTtalk Cash] Looking for a very good artist

    We are looking for a very good artist. We are looking for a new logo but what we want will be very hard and is quite precise. If you think you are good enough and are interested then do let us know. Also how much you get paid depends on how good it is and you will ONLY get paid if we use it. we...
  29. F

    Services Affordable and high quality Youtube thumbnails and channel art!

    Hello everybody! FelsiopDesigns here, looking to work with some more clients hopefully in the near future! I do all sorts of different Youtube stuff, including thumbnails, logos, banners, outros and in-video stuff! Prices are: Thumbnail: 50p Banner: 3£ Logo:3£ Outro:2£ If you need anything, let...
  30. AJ Bruh

    Request [YTtalk Cash] Need Channel Banner and Logo (shoutout and yttalk cash)

    I'm looking for a simple channel banner and a channel logo; something bright and creative as well. Add me on skype or I'll add you!