Who Am I ?

Hi there, I'm Michael or you can call me Oracle :) I'm a student and also a
freelance designer. I do a bunch of designing in my free time and gain pretty
much experienced across years doing graphics. In my free time besides designing
I also play a lot of game :D.
Why Do I Open This Shop ?

As designing has become a part of my hobbies, I'm finding a way to make more
experience and to gain some money for myself. And for that I decided to open
this shop, previously I have done several free works for people and they seems
satisfied by my works, so I take it to a next level, where I could make some money of it.
What Do I Sell Here ?

I am offering a high quality and professional graphics for pretty much a low &
affordable price. Every single project I made is an original work and not a rip-off
of a youtube tutorial or a template, this all I made it originally and never been
published anywhere else.
How Much Does It Cost ?

Ok, since I'm starting out this graphics shop I will not make the price high
and as I said in the title price will be affordable, so here is the price list :

YouTube Channel Essential :
Custom Logo - $6
Profile Picture - $5
YouTube Banner - $7
YouTube Outro (fixed) - $7
YouTube Outro (video) - $10
Video Layout - $5
Video Thumbnail (Template) - $5
Video Thumbnail (Fixed) - $2
Video Lower Third : $5

Social Media Essential :
Twitter Header - $7
Social Media Profile Picture - $5
G+ Header - $7
Facebook Header - $7

There's the price listed above.
But how if you want to make a new channel and you need all of them ??
Don't Worry! We got the solution for you.

Here is a bundle of the graphics you need :

YouTube Bundle
Custom Logo
Profile Picture
Video Layout
Outro (fixed)
Thumbnail (fixed)

$32 $25 ONLY!
How Do I Purchase The Graphics ?

Here is the process of the making of your graphics :

1. Contact Me Through Skype/E-Mail

2. Discuss on how you want the graphics

3. I will make a sample of the graphics (1-2 days)

4. I will show you the graphics with watermark

5. If you agree on the graphics, You can send the money to me
via PayPal, using the Family and Friends method (To Avoid Chargebacks).
Please give description that you are paying for my graphics service and attach
your name on it.

6. Once payment were recieved, I will send you the file through dropbox/mediafire or
anywhere you want.

(The whole process itself will take around 4-5 days if we don't take
too much time editing and changing stuffs)

Here Are Some Examples Of My Work :







Contact Me

Skype - oraclegraphics
E-Mail - oraclegraphicsyt@gmail.com