jake paul

  1. Crown

    Jake Paul seen with looters .........

    “We were strictly documenting, not engaging,” Jake Paul says about recent Instagram videos that showed him and his photographer/videographer Andrew Blue present as a group of people smashed windows and looted items from stores in Arizona’s Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. Here is a video of...
  2. TeeDottie1

    [locked] I want to give up, advice please!!!!!!

    I'm an emotional wreck right now.. Our view have done nothing but going down, and it really sucks.. Do the people not like us, or what .. idk its just so stressful!!! If you can please give us some type of feedback.. any feedback is good feedback remember that !
  3. M

    What made YouTube 2018?

    What events/people do you think defined YouTube 2018? I'd definitely say the Pauls, boxing, shane, fousey and PewDiePie were the major game-changers this year on YouTube. TBH, i don't think most of these things would make it onto YouTube rewind though because last year YouTube included...
  4. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    The Humanization Of Jake Paul - Did Shane Dawson Save Jake Paul's Career?

    The Humanization Of Jake Paul - Did Shane Dawson Save Jake Paul's Career? // The Mind of Jake Paul Documentary series by Shane Dawson has finally ended, but have this Humanized Jake Paul and saved his YouTube career?
  5. Courtney Candice

    In the mind of jake Paul

    Shane Dawson just realsed his part 1of an 8 part series called in the mind of jake Paul. Shane Dawson has made a series like this before with tana mongue and Jeffrey, it’s where he sits down with different controversial YouTubers and talks to them because he wants to get the truth out about...
  6. kevinboston7

    Who thinks Jake Paul's career will end this year

    Jake Paul has been involved in multiple controversies throughout the past couple of years he has been known to be very rude to his neighbors he gave out post Malone's address and he said the n-word at Coachella so how long do you all think you can keep up these antics before people lose interest...
  7. JonnyBoi

    Logan or Jake Paul?

    I've heard people from both sides saying "Jake Paul is better", or "Logan Paul is more funny", but I want to hear from you guys. Who do you prefer, and why? Is it because one is more entertaining, or more talented? Or do you just dislike both?. So gather 'round, place your votes, and lets see...
  8. satiricals

    Request Banner Request

    Anyone want to do a banner for my channel (default, ugly url in my signature)? Here's an image I used in the first episode of my cartoon series "Satiricals", as the first episode was parodying team 10 & Jake Paul to be critical of them. This is a satire channel with parodying elements, as the...
  9. iMovieKing

    Anyone else excited for the youtube demolition derby?

    I'm a long-time subscriber to Roman Atwood and he always has great ideas, especially this one. When I saw the list of participating youtubers, my excitement increased by 1000%. I Can't Wait!
  10. Sven Vee

    Anyone following the JP, Faze, Sidemen drama? Is it real/fake? Thoughts?

    I've been really interested in all the stuff surrounding Jake Paul lately, just because he's such a phenomenon as a creator (don't like his content though) and some other drama stories surrounding the Sidemen with KSI and the Faze clan. I don't know, a lot of it seems super scripted, just...


    These days it's so difficult to "blow up" on YouTube. Back when I was just a viewer the platform was filled with so many unique videos that got pretty decent views. Nowadays you have to follow trends in order to get big and a lot of these trends are so dumb ): I don't want to talk about who I...
  12. ZacWontSurvive

    Commentary Looking for a collab, making fun of Jake Paul

    looking for someone to do a podcast with me over discord or Skype, looking for some between the 13-16, we would be talking about Jake Paul in the video, like s**t talking him, hmu on twitter if u want to calllb @ZacWontSurvive
  13. Courtney Candice

    Jake paule might be getting sued

    Big YouTuber vlogger and Disney channel star Jake Paul might be getting sued because he's disrupting the streets in la! Some of you might not know who Jake Paul is he's the fastest growing channel right now on YouTube along with other members of team 10, all the members in the team 10 live...