Commentary Looking for a collab, making fun of Jake Paul


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looking for someone to do a podcast with me over discord or Skype, looking for some between the 13-16, we would be talking about Jake Paul in the video, like s**t talking him, hmu on twitter if u want to calllb @ZacWontSurvive
I would like to join![DOUBLEPOST=1501196896,1501196845][/DOUBLEPOST]I'm heading to Kmart right now but I'll hit you up when I'm ready
Hi I'm a really small channel and I'm working on stepping up my videos huge time I have the better equipment. I'm interested
So you mean, we 'll be sh*ttalking about his recent videos, alright?

Well maybe I could actually do that. hmu;

Discord: FiREX_XT#4293/demented#0126