1. tocsnipezz

    Comedy #music #rap #musicvideo #funny #funnysong #memesong #satire

  2. Cooter20

    Constructive Criticism of my Vid

    Looking for input to help my Beer Reviews. These reviews are intended to be fun and satirical. Not serious like most. Thoughts on sound quality, Video editing skills, Content, And overall packaging. Even if it hurts I'm glad to take the critiques. Thank you.
  3. Worldsgreatestvideogamers

    Proof That Tetris Makes You Gay

    I like Tetris. I like it a lot. Which is why I play it. And during my last playthrough of Tetris, one in which I livestreamed, I noticed something pretty weird that happened, sort of an unexplained phenomena. I decided to try and crack the case, get to the bottom of it, and figure out just what...
  4. Courtney Candice

    Mcr conspiracy theories

  5. ZacWontSurvive

    Commentary Looking for a collab, making fun of Jake Paul

    looking for someone to do a podcast with me over discord or Skype, looking for some between the 13-16, we would be talking about Jake Paul in the video, like s**t talking him, hmu on twitter if u want to calllb @ZacWontSurvive
  6. Xaegoba

    900+ views!!!

    It's been a long time coming but I'm almost at my goal of 1k views I only have 45 subs so this is big for of my videos blew up which helped a lot and active subs came in handy..I hope the views and subs keep comeing b/c YT is hard sh*t and I'd hate to see it all go to waste...
  7. TechSpotJosh

    New to YouTube - Comedy News Satire

    The TechSpot Tasting Nintendo Switch Cartridges Challenge!? Hello everyone! I am new to YouTube and this community. I'm hoping to get some feedback on how I can better push my content out there. Any technical feedback / creative feedback is welcome as well. Thank you for taking the time to...
  8. jdSenpai


    If you got constructive criticism feel free to say ! :)
  9. Xaegoba


    So as most of you are aware youtube is kinda in the sh****r right now and a ton of you guys arn't doing so hot. I've seen some of my friends quit YT and some take loooooooonng breaks. As a small youtuber I'm immune (or so it seems) to the youvirus that all the bigger channels are catching. What...
  10. Moospeaker

    Commentary Weird channel, weird collab

    So I don't know how to describe my channel accurately, I guess it's a mix of animation, comedy and thought provoking topics. I'm looking to do a collab with someone who makes similar content. There are no prerequisites really, only that you have a solid microphone, have the ability to write a...
  11. Foolio

    Mind Of Foolio - Satire - Hillary's Inferno

    Hi there, I create satirical videos, some general, some political and self made animations are in the works as well. I started my channel earlier this year - before the elections - and this was the 2nd video I made, hope you like it (WARNING, I mock everything that I think should be mocked...
  12. Foolio

    (Ted) Cruz Control (my 1st video!)

    Hi there, I create satirical videos, some general, some political and self made animations are in the works as well. I started my channel earlier this year (2016) - before the elections - and this was the 1st video I made :) If you like, check out the others and subscribe as much more is...
  13. umbysworld

    Deleted Creepypasta Theater: Doctor Clock-eye

    The first thing you want to do when creating a villain named Doctor Clock-eye is to give him a clock for an eye. Someone failed to do that, and now they must pay the price... THE UMBY WAY!!
  14. jerabith

    Jerabith, the incompetent youtuber

    This is a very satire youtube channel giving "tutorials" and "advice." Here is a tutorial created by jerabith, go to my channel for more videos like this
  15. umbysworld

    Deleted Creepypasta Theater: Room 58

    Welcome to another episode of the show where I read poorly written short stories that were deleted from the creepypasta wikia! This one's about some guy who stays at a hotel on an island and then stuff happens for no reason. SPOOOOOKY!
  16. umbysworld

    Deleted Creeypasta Theater: BEST EPISODE YET!

    I worked really hard editing this latest episode! Please check it out! It's got a killer teddy bear and a serious lack of pronouns!!
  17. umbysworld

    I impersonate a hoity-toity elderly couple reading a horror story

    Title says it all, I guess. XD
  18. Meloxy


    Like & subscribe for more videos. I post almost everyday. Please, leave feedback (constructive criticism welcome)
  19. Henry Gallimore

    Gaming Addiction is Worse Than Heroin

    Satire, terrible advice and terrible content all around. Henry looks into how you can fight against the peril that is YOUR GAMING ADDICTION.
  20. Henry Gallimore

    White Male Privilege FT. Ainsley Harriot

    I've recently become a VIP and so to celebrate I thought I'd drop my newest satire upload in the comedy section. Is it funny? That's questionable. Will some take offensive? If you don't think we live in a white privileged patriarchal society then probably! But it's all gravy baby. Do you...
  21. umbysworld

    New series: Deleted Creepypasta Theater

    I've been doing comedy gaming videos, but I just uploaded my first video in a series I call Deleted Creepypasta Theater where I narrate creepypastas that were deleted from creepypasta wikia for failure to meet the minimum quality standards. In other words, they are badly written horror stories...
  22. The Happy Gamer


    Mr. President is a ragdoll game where you take a bullet for Ronald Rump and it's hilarious!
  23. Senergy Steez

    Commentary Whats up everyone, just a small youtuber here

    I just want to know, if anyone would like to collab and make videos together. You can give my channel a look to see what type of videos I do. Most of the "why you shouldn't" things are just for fun and jokes and shouldn't be taken seriously at all. Give me a reply if you would like to work...
  24. Satire Bunny

    Feedback On New Youtuber :)

    Hello, After receiving feedback on my first video, i have hopefully improved on that and have made the correct changes. On my first video i was told to make my voice more clearer and fit with the same volume as the rest of the video, which i have hopefully done to the best of my ability...
  25. Factually True

    The History of Media

    A four minute crash course on the media and how it came to be.
  26. Satire Bunny

    [HELP] Made First Video -Feedback Please-

    Hello YTTalk, Ive always liked the idea of making satire content so i'd thought i give it a ago... If you can help me improve in any way that would be great. I will slowly get the hang on the concept :p Any constructive feedback i will take as this is my first video and know you cant be...
  27. Factually True

    Looking for fresh eyes (and ears) on a recent video, honest opinions appreciated

    Hey everyone! You all probably know the phenomenon when you're making your videos and spend so much time reeling them back and forth that you become sort of blind regarding them and find it hard to tell whether they're genius stuff or total garbage :laugh2:. I would very much appreciate any...
  28. ablamök

    Feedback on 'intro'

    Hi! This is my first post on yttalk so I'm still figuring out how this place works. I would like to get some feedback on my intro. This intro was specifically made for one of my possible future videos. It was made to look 'bad' and 'cringy' on purpose as a satire but I would like to see your...
  29. Jake Shipe

    Can you review My lastest video?

    Hey guys! It would be great if you could let me know how my lastest video is? (PS, I know the green screen thing got patchy at the end, but I couldn't fix it) Thanks so much!
  30. Vickie

    Satire News for November 3rd :)

    I do this satire news show every Tuesday and Thursday! It's news headlines with jokes!