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  1. Gabriel El Mesnajero

    Rate my video/ Music! *New Guy/First Feedback Post*

    Free Dark Hip Hop Beat hey guys this is actully my first time posting on here. im a msuic producer with 2 kids.. run 3 stores during the day and producer at night. into gaming (console and PC!) anyways get to the point here lol first video upload in a while but first time getting feedback on...
  2. Mkiss63142

    Hip Hop Instrumentals Rain Mix 2019 | Gangster Music | Background Rap Beat Mix Audio | Subscribe For Give Aways

  3. official118

    I'm an aspiring music producer and would love feedback!

    I'm an aspiring music producer that tailors to hip hop and trap. It would be cool to get feedback on my progress! Let me know if you got any music you need me to review as well!
  4. B

    Music Looking for singers or rappers to collab with

    I'm Bugsy06 and I'm an average high school producer. I'm looking for singers or rappers to collab with. maybe you could sing or rap over my instrumentals. if you are interested in collabing with me, email me at nateriver228@gmail.com
  5. Gmilk124


    Yo my names Eric Reprid, feel free to use any of my songs in your videos, just credit my soundcloud if you do :) All of my songs are on my youtube channel. You can download the songs off of my soundcloud: soundcloud.com/ericreprid Also I don't have any instrumentals, all of my songs have...
  6. K.piddy

    Hip Hop talk

    hey all check out my music vlog about all the latest in hip hop this week!
  7. H

    21 Savage x Metro Boomin Type Beat "No Heart"

  8. Monatcer

    Music Free Beats And Music to Use (For Rap Or in Background or .....)

    Hey Guys I Make Hip Hop Beats On My Channel . You Can Check Them Out They Are Free To Use And Please Give Some Support And Let Me Know That You Supported Me Channel Name: MTCBeatz
  9. ThCe

    Kendrick Lamar !!

    Tell us what you think about our reactions to Kendrick Lamar's Humble & DNA.
  10. Gene Livingston

    aTteNtIoN aLL HIP HOP lOvERs:

    Hey guys! I've started my channel about 4 days ago! Trying to upload twice a day consistently. Most of my content right now can be split into my favorite topics of Hip Hop music, Film, and Basketball, so if you have any interest in those topics I would love for you to check out my channel and...
  11. Gene Livingston

    nEw tO yOuTuBe

    Hey guys! I've started my channel about 4 days ago! Trying to upload twice a day consistently. Most of my content right now can be split into my favorite topics of Hip Hop music, Film, and Basketball, so if you have any interest in those topics I would love for you to check out my channel and...
  12. Gene Livingston


    Hey guys! I've started my channel and have been uploading at least twice a day, looking to collab with some youtubers who share interest in the topics in my Title (Film,NBA, Hip Hop) Would also love any advice on growth or overall constructive criticism of the channel! Would be interested in...
  13. Slaks


    All music on my channel can be used in any YouTube video as long as permission is given in the description. Hope you enjoy!
  14. Crab Lord

    My First Music Video Ever! Come check it out!

    Hey if you're reading this, thanks a lot for takin the time to check out my video. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section. Thanks!
  15. Jamie Taylor

    Voice Acting Voice Actor Needed For YouTube Video

    I'm creating a video about the new hip-hop wave of music. It's more of a narrative style of video. If you're interested please reply.
  16. MVNIVC

    Music Looking to collaborate with Hip Hop artists :)

    im looking to make music with hip hop artists get ahold of me if you are interested :) soundcloud.com/maniactracks
  17. aromamob

    Music Looking for collabs

    Hi, everyone! This is my first time and post on this forum. I am a young producer, rapper, and songwriter. I try to make a name in this industry, but it is kinda hard. My youtube channel has loads of beats, (the newest ones are the best) and some songs from my mixtapes that I produced, wrote and...
  18. OfficialJackThomas

    Music Looking for other artists to collaborate on a song with

    Hey my names Jack Thomas and I run a YouTube channel with around 4500 subscribers right now. I was wondering if anyone on here would be interested in collaborating on a song together. I'm looking for any singer or rapper because I have tons of song ideas so I can be flexible on what genre we do...
  19. HaileySimone

    Hailey Simone - Vertigo [Official Music Video]

    Track 3/4 of my upcoming EP, "In the Air" coming 10/21!
  20. SeanFace101

    Connor Ohara doing some great Rapping

    Connor Ohara Rapping..
  21. ShadOG

    Why so much hate for Entertainment News?

    Hi guys I know it's a lot of hate or detest for the "YT News" community out there like Keemstar, RiceGum and such. However everyone reporting news is not like that and some of the "drama" is actually News. Probably not your traditional news, but another form called Entertainment New/Celebrity...
  22. AlexGotBeats

    ''On My Way'' [Prod. by Alex Got Beats]

    Fresh beat called ''On My Way'' [Prod. by Alex Got Beats]
  23. Starseed Beats

    Request [Free] Video & Thumbnail Graphics

    What's up guys ! For those who don't me (I think lot of you lol) I'm a beatmaker/hip hop producer from France, so I put my beats on YouTube to promote them. However, I need a better graphic art for my beats' videos and my thubnail, I think they are great but, I need better and some who can...
  24. nyah sky

    Love and Hiphop NY

    If anyone watches LHHNY let me know how you feel about what went on at the reunion and watch my video to see my opinion!!!
  25. The Black Mastadonte

    Allow me to reintroduce myslef...

    Hello people! Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is The Black Mastadonte and I am a Hip-Hop and Gaming vlogger (which means I don't do "let's plays"). I post comedic videos that have to do with hip hop, gaming, or just life in general. Check out my channel!
  26. Starseed Beats

    Music Research a singer to make a Nina Simone Feelin Good Remix

    Hi guys ! I'm an hip hop producer. I want to make a remix of the classical Nina Simone Feelin Good song, but I need a vocal, not the original. So, I ask you to make me an acapella version of this song with a good record quality to help me to make my remix, it's better if you can send me by...
  27. Spike

    Services I make custom Hip Hop beats!

    Hey guys! I'm totally new here so I hope I'm doing this right! I have been making beats for a couple of months now and it gets harder and harder to find isnpiration... So I need you guys' help! If you need beats as background music for videos or beats to rap on or whatever and you have some...
  28. The Black Mastadonte

    I need some criticism

    Hey guys. So I recently changed up my page and organized my video into the appropriate playlists so I can start the series that I want to start. I also change my channel art. I am just looking for some feedback towards my channel overall and my content. Thanks guys!
  29. A

    Can anybody review my channel?

    hey it's ak12345 here any I make music YouTube videos. My channel has been growing a lot but I want to know what I can do better. Anything helps, thanks. YouTube: Ak12345
  30. A

    Music Hip hop music producers needed!!!!!

    hi, I'm a hip hop music producer and I'm trying to collaborate with other producers. Just ,message me YouTube:Ak12345