1. Tech2025

    Finished/Closed Free GFX!

    Hello Everyone! I just joined this forum but I notice a lot of YouTubers like/need some Quality GFX. I Could make some free HD GFX, My Specialty is making Minecraft GFX, but that doesn't mean I cant make any other type of GFX! :) If our interested leave a request below, or message me...
  2. Kota

    Services Want Free Graphics? :D

    I am very familiar with photoshop and how to use its features. I am willing to make FREE graphics for anyone that is polite and easy to work with :) I would charge, but I just have so much fun creating graphic art :) I can try to make any themed art you would like! If you are interested, reply...
  3. Minix | Graphics Designer

    Rate This Thumbnail pls :D

    please comment what you think of this
  4. outromaker

    Request Graphic designer for multiple outro templates needed. Paid assignment (Paypal)

    We are looking for a graphic designer to create outro templates for us in an ongoing basis. An outro template is an end screen graphic with placeholders and social icons/subscribe buttons like the ones at the bottom which will be used in our service to create outro videos. We require...
  5. RoxelGraphics

    Services Affordable, High Quality YouTube Branding (Banners, Icons, Outros, Thumbnails+)

    Twitch Assets Thumbnails Misc Work Notes -If you're unhappy with a draft I give you, I am more than happy to make changes to the piece until we come to a product you're satisfied with -I use PayPal for all transactions, and though all prices are listed in USD, I take payments...
  6. Minix | Graphics Designer

    Services Professional, Affordable, High Quality Graphics - Thumbnails, Banner, Logos ect -MinixDesignsit-

    MinixDesignsIt -- Affordable, Professional, High Quality Graphics! *Skip if you don't care* Hi guys i'm Minix I have been doing graphics for a wile now, I can't remember how long ago my first sale was but I have defensively improved since and lets just say I was lucky to get a job at graphics...
  7. CasualConstruction

    Services I can make custom thumbnails for free

    Here are a few examples of my thumbnails. I usually make a collage of high quality images, but I am somewhat flexible. All I ask in return is a shoutout to my channel and a link in the description for the videos which I make thumbnails for. Personal message me if you are interested. Comment your...
  8. Jate

    Services Free Graphics [Channel art, Logos, Thumbnails]

    Hey guys I'm looking to have some fun in photoshop and get better as a graphic artist. I often run out of ideas/inspiration and I would love to be able to help you guys out with whatever you need. Channel Art Template: -Color scheme -Style -Important logos/characters -Random info Logo...
  9. VisionSkillz

    Services [LIMITED FREE GRAPHICS] YouTube Banners + Thumbnails

    Hi guys! I am a "YouTuber" trying to get into graphics, I've been doing it for a while and have been enjoying it greatly! I do only thumbnails and banners and if you're interested please add me on skype: visionskillz Here are some examples of my work (SO FAR)
  10. C

    Looking for youtubers who need an editor

    Hello, My name is Simon, i'm a 17 year old graphic designer and editor from belgium. I'm looking for smaller channels that need an editor. I'm not looking to make money of of it, just a challenge to grow and develop my skills. Interested? Connect with me on skype or leave comment on this thread...
  11. Defusion

    New Channel Art

    Hey guys, a while ago I posted a thread asking for feedback on my channel design, and I actually received a lot of good ideas. I've taken them into consideration, and also done some research by looking at other channels that do the same kind of videos as me. As a result of this, I have made a...
  12. N

    Experienced Video Editor Will Edit YOUR Videos

    Is video editing not your forte? Does your career/lifestyle demand less time in front of the computer clipping together videos? Do you want your videos to have a professional high quality touch? My name is Nathan. I'm based in Charlotte NC and have been editing YouTube videos for 8 years. If...
  13. VisionSkillz

    Request Channel Avatar/Profile Picture [350+]

    I would like someone to make me a profile picture for my YouTube Channel, If you are interested please reply below with your skype :) I will link your channel or whatever social media you request in the description of my videos :D Check out my channel if you want to see it :) vvv
  14. W

    Services Graphics Designs

    I do Graphics Designs for YouTubers at a very cheap price such as Banners, Logos and Thumbnails email me at For more info.
  15. Isaac Taylor

    Services Intros, Animations, Banners, and more...

    Hello, my name is Isaac and I have 3+ years in motion graphics experience. I make high quality graphics of all kinds for low prices. I specialize in custom intros. I allow my customers to name their price on any custom intro. Every custom intro comes with the option of a free thumbnail. I can...
  16. Isaac Taylor

    Custom Intros (Name your price!)

    Hello, my name is Isaac and I make custom intros. I will make any requested style of intro you want. All of my custom intros are name your price which means you get to pay what you want. If your interested in receiving a intro make sure to email me. Email:
  17. Joeymooreonyoutube

    Services Great Price Great Graphics For Cheaper Than Anyone Else

    Hello people my name Is Joey and i am selling a package to anyone that buys it. It includes 5 thumbnails for your videos, A outro and 3 videos that i will edit then last but not least a banner and a profile pic. All for just 10$. Here are some examples of my work: Editing here which is...
  18. train2bfit_

    Request Wanted: Simple Youtube Banner || A Youtube Intro

    BANNER Hey Guys, I'm looking to get a simple youtube banner. I have tried making it myself however when I upload it's not letting the entire banner appear on the top of my youtube page - no idea why? To keep things simple I want a white background, with a faded looking light grey line going...
  19. Mila from Ukraine

    Services Old Public Domain Illustrations

    If you need some sort of old pictures of (buildings, fruit, fashion, household goods, house plans, etc.,) basic resolution. Can also create photoshop brushes. Free with a channel shout out, link in description.
  20. GoodWithGraphics


    Yo, what is up everyone. im GoodWithGraphics, here today to bring you guys some FREE GFX and/or Intros. MY ONLY REQUIREMENT IS THAT YOU SHOUT ME OUT WHEN YOU GET THE INTRO OR LET ME PUT "MADE BY GoodWithGraphics" SMALL IN THE CORNER OF THE GFX depending on how well done you want them, intros...
  21. Danielfirth

    Request Looking for a skilled GFX designer [FREE]

    Hello YTTalk Community! I am looking for a skilled GFX designer who would be able to create me some amazing graphical work for my YouTube channel! My channel is fairly new and I am wanting to vamp it up to make it look more professional and appealing to new people! The ideas that i have are...
  22. MotionComedy

    Are Graphics That Important?

    Hey everyone, So I was thinking today that my channel needed a good re-vamp, and I wanted some new graphics made, so I got some done, and I believe my channel looks a lot better (see for yourself!), but I also wondered - do graphics have that much of an impression? Obviously, the YouTube...
  23. BlueBoy Edit

    Other GFX Collab (No Mic Needed)

    I am looking for a GFX designer to collaborate and work with. With this person I would like to do a GFX showdown where we create gfx on the same theme and the viewers decide who created the best art. We have a limited amount of time for this:D My channel details: Name: BlueBoy Edit Amount of...
  24. Eyezak

    Services Eyezak's Graphics Shop - Affordable, High Quality Designs

    Hi, welcome to my shop! I've been doing graphics for a while, and I want to start selling my work to other people. I really love doing it, and it would be great to help out the YTTalk community with their branding. Examples of my work: Prices: YouTube Banner + Avatar - $5 Thumbnail - $2...
  25. Rita-Marie Hartford

    Request Awesome Idea for an Intro <3

    Hello, I am looking for someone with awesome graphic skills. 1) I would love to have logo, with a heart with my initials in it either RMH Or RM or even RH would be okay. I want something that is small enough, but you can still see. Preferably a transparent background with the text being black or...
  26. Divergence

    Services Professional logos at budget prices [Edited with link]

    Hi folks, Now I don't work for these guys, but they are doing my logo and if you know these YouTubers Ali-A, Nadeshot etc they made their logos and brands and they also make websites, motion intros and banners. I just thought I'd give them a shout out on here as they are working on my new logo...
  27. M

    Request Looking for a logo for my band

    Hi i'm looking for a logo for my band called The Mystic Heads. we are a Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock band. We are influenced by the band Pink Floyd. We are looking to bring back the 70's and 80's Classic Rock music. We are up for any ideas (keep it a tiny bit psychedelic not too much) It...
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