Request Graphic designer for multiple outro templates needed. Paid assignment (Paypal)


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We are looking for a graphic designer to create outro templates for us in an ongoing basis.

An outro template is an end screen graphic with placeholders and social icons/subscribe buttons like the ones at the bottom which will be used in our service to create outro videos.

We require professional quality templates and we are paying through paypal.

If you are interested in the assignment, please PM me with links to recent samples of your work.

ONLY HIGH QUALITY proposals from experienced graphic designers will be considered. The outro you made for your channel once upon a time, does not count.

Thank you in advance.



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Hello - I am an animator, artist and graphic designer with 5+ years of experience. I am currently working on a graphic novel and tcg project alone with a indie game project as well. You may check out the following links which features my work. If interested, you may email me. Thanks!
Hey i can help you with this project. Find some of my previous work below and you can contact me on skype (ProlificMF) and i'll link you to my port.

Hope to hear from you.

EDGbanner2.jpg Evolve YouTube.jpg guitar.jpg minecraftbanner.jpg xAlien.jpg