gaming channel collab

  1. Pixz

    Gaming PC gaming collab

    i am looking for players to make videos with me on the games Garry's mod and gang beasts, these games are alot of fun its just that none of my friends have PC's:)
  2. bloodmoney207

    Gaming looking for a collaboration for pc

    im looking for people to collab with on pc and maybe partner up i like to upload content daily if i can upload 2 in a day awsome! the requirements i look for aint realy much the requirements and the games i play on steam well be listed down below...
  3. FernandoMask

    Gaming People that want to play Overwatch (PC)

    Leave your num tag of overwatch in the comments...
  4. bloodmoney207

    Gaming starting a new gaming group xboxone/pc

    im starting a new group for my gaming channel i try to upload content daily but as of right now im trying to put together a group and also some peoples that i can collab with the requirements will be listed below ---------------------------------------------- must be 18 or older have a...
  5. kelsung

    Gaming minecraft pc collab

    hi i would like to play minecraft on the pc it chould be your choice on what we can do i am 13 years old and my channel url is:UCpGdB9EnkPxCpaOLMKjxyQQ to see what i do in my channel and the way to contact me is on skype kelsung.chapman by the way when we record i whould like to be kid freandly...
  6. Matthew Briggs

    Gaming Joint Game-Play with PC (Total War, M&B) I have 288 Subs

    Hello, I would like to collaborate with some good YouTuber's, and make some high quality content. A few things for you to get to know me: I will am about to study at Uni so I have a load of time on my hands to do some good YouTubing. I try and get my videos up when I can, sometime every day...
  7. Cetra Psycho

    Gaming Any game will do!

    Our group loves gaming and we are on all platforms and always looking to make a collaboration!!!! We have so many games but not all games son reply if interested with your game of choice!!! P.S. When it comes to pc our pc failed so the only pc game we can play League of Legends
  8. J


    Hey, whats up. I'm just here to find people to collab with. I'm 16 and I live in the western side of the U.S.. If you want to collab with me. You have to be at least 15+ and have Skype (just like all the other posts). I don't really care about your sub count, if your a bit entertaining we'll try...
  9. BrickFireGaming

    Gaming YupForce - Youtube Gaming Group!

    Introduction Hello all of you gamers! This is Brick here, and I am here to talk to you about a Youtube Gaming Group I am creating. Although my gaming channel only has about 10 subscribers, I still believe my newer videos are high quality. If you do not like joining small channel groups...
  10. ParanoiaOrigins

    Other PS4 Gaming Collaberations Wanted

    About my YouTube Channel My niche - I make gaming videos with my ps4 since i dont have a proper gaming desktop to so. The kind of videos i want to make when i'm collaboration is video games - I would like to make a lot of gaming videos as part of the collaboration and a lot more as we grow...
  11. ParanoiaOrigins

    Gaming New Channel | I'm looking for people to Collab Video Games Together | 100 Subs or More Please

    Hey Everyone of YTtalk! I am a 27 y/o digital graphic artist and youtuber and I and i want to start gaming collaboration project on YouTube. I've look over, researched and have seen a increase of YouTube channels that make top 10, .. video's and get a rather insane amounts of views. I still...
  12. Gamestons

    Gaming Collaboration

    Hey everyone I would love to tell you if you want to collaborate with me , I have a PS4 and PC but mostly I play PS4. My PS4 games are FIFA 16 , ROCKET LEAGUE , CALL OF DUTY BO3 and GTA. My PC games are MINECRAFT , GMOD and CSGO I would love to record funny moments so comment if you would like...
  13. T

    Gaming YouTube Gaming Channel Collaboration

    Hey guys, my name is Mark, I run a gaming channel called the Savage Gamer, and I would like to do a collaboration with anyone interested who currently runs a gaming channel on YouTube. The collaboration would be done through YouTube's live events system. We would simply be discussing a topic...
  14. Anthonypit1Gaming

    Gaming Looking For a Gaming Collaboration Group! (Xbox)

    Ok, so let me start off by saying I'm looking for Commited people to Collaborate with like myself. I Started Youtube about 2 months ago, I never actually had a real group to play with, I just played with Random people and so far have been making it. But I'm realizing when I have a Good Idea...
  15. C

    Gaming Looking for people to colab with!

    I just recently started on Youtube! I make videos like funny moments, gameplays, commentaries, and other stuff. I have only posted 3 videos, one of which was an introduction, but the other two are on Rainbow Six Siege. I play games like Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Rocket League, and H1Z1! If you...
  16. BIGtheRED

    Gaming Confidence Crew is offering to do video collab!

    Whats up, gamers!? My name is BIGtheRED, and I am one of five members of a Youtube group called Confidence Crew. Confidence Crew is a gaming channel of five personalities that play games with each other, post funny moments, review and play strange games, and get into all sorts of random...
  17. CorNDawG

    Gaming Looking for some Collaba Pals...yeah i made that up... XBox One, PS4, and PC, just depends on game

    Looking for some Collaba Pals...yeah i made that up... XBox One, PS4, and PC, just depends on game. Now I will say this, I can get pretty hostile but not for in the mean way. Its all for show honestly....sometimes....But on a serious note, I'm pretty laid back and just like to have fun. If...
  18. The1UPPodCast

    Gaming Looking for special guest for podcast

    Hey what's up everyone my friend and I host a gaming podcast every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10pm pst and we're looking to have special guests from other YouTube channels join the podcast every now and then. On Tuesday we plan to just stream and play games but on Wednesdays we're wanting to have...
  19. T

    Gaming Collab PC/Youtube Networking

    Hello I have a YouTube channel it is very small at the time of typing this I have eight subscribers and I know that sounds bad but I think if I can make friendships and gain mutually I know a collab does not mean it is fifty fifty but if we have fun together it will sound better and if you can...
  20. gysocksYT

    Gaming GAMING squad funny moments collabs squad channel

    A squad that likes to have fun play around but be kinda of mature 13 and up must have a mic a YouTube with at lest 50 or 60 subs and post videos and posts averagely like a video like a video every two days or video every 3 days you need to have games like Gmod H1Z1 Left 4 Dead 2 and other...
  21. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming Funny Moments on pc! (+13)

    Hi! my name is rRosterdcosta and i would love to Collab with some people who are just chill and funny. the only requirement is that you be over 13 years old. These are the games i play GTA 5 CS-GO Gmod Black ops 3 black ops 2 and any other games you suggest to me! To contact me add me on Skype...
  22. BIGtheRED

    A channel review, for a channel review! =)

    AHAA!! The tables have turned, my friends!! What will become of THIS adventure? In all seriousness, I am part of a five-person gaming channel (Confidence Crew). We all know each other, and we all mainly do gameplay footage (funny moments, reactions, ; some are group videos, some are...