1. ArsenalGamer

    Gaming PS4 YouTubers

    hey guys, I am Cryptic, and I am looking for people to record with people who are pretty chill requirements -have a pretty good mic - has discord or some sort of communication(so I know if there a problem with recording) -is mature and isn't a kid -is a dedicated and hardworking youtuber post...
  2. B

    Gaming Fortnite Duos, PC Collab

    Hello, My name is Brite and I am starting up my youtube channel again, but wanted to find a fortnite duos partner, I almost went pro in cs:go and want to do the same for fortnite except this time record my gameplay. I usually drop over 12 to 20 kills consistently and my highest kill game was...
  3. MrPryce

    Persona 5 May Walkthrough Part 2

  4. Grifn4ge

    Gaming Gaming Group Discord Funny Moments

    I'm admin of my friend's server on Discord where Youtubers of different sizes, small and big, can collaborate. Add me on Discord for an invite :) DISCORD: Grifn4ge#9337 I am from the US, as with some people on this server. But, there are a few from Europe as well; Ireland, UK, Denmark, etc.
  5. Nedwin04

    Services Royalty-free Music For Your Projects!

    Need royalty-free music for your work? Check out my ever-growing library of various genres and styles here: Stay Creative! Nedwin04
  6. Nerfworthy

    Gaming World of Warcraft, anyone playing? Seeking for collabs.

    Hey guys, i've recently started youtube, near a month ago.. and i'm expanding and growing stronger, rapidly, kinda.. >:D i'm looking for players who would like to play and create videos, together with me. I've started new youtube series and the idea behind is to reach 1-100 in total film mode...
  7. M

    Services Thumbnail's and Banners For a Shoutout

    FREE GFX FOR SHOUTOUT Hey guys Im basically doing thumbnails for a shoutout. I can do some very good thumbnails for your channel or instagram/twitter. I can also do intro's and outro's but for that I would be charging $0.25 for each into/outro and if its something very hard then the most I would...
  8. Nimwit

    Gaming Looking For a Minecraft Group (Teenagers only pls)

    Intro I am a 16 year old from Canada I'm lame (; that's all you need to know What & who I'm looking for I'm looking for a group of people to play games with, who don't get easily offended. Preferably teenagers around my age. You gotta be fun. No betty buzzkills please :( I'm hoping that we...
  9. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming PC/PS4 Funny Moments Gaming Group

    I am looking for a group of around 4-8 people to Have fun and record videos together! i want it to be like Vanoss' group with delirious etc... and be based around the same games they play. I have around 29 subscribers but anyone can join no matter the amount of subs you have! we can play on both...
  10. Senergy Steez

    Dying From The Light

  11. Th3XoCat

    Gaming I would love to collaborate with others

    Make sure you sub to me and post in the comment section you wanna collab. If you wanna know how to put your youtube channel on here then just ask i'll tell.
  12. Tryck

    For Gaming Youtubers..

    Which series has been your favorite to play? I'm starting a Subnautica, StarDew Valley, and Hollow Knight series right now, and I can already tell Subnautica is gunna be hella fun.
  13. D

    Gaming Looking For Youtbers Streamers and Gamers (PC)

    Hello im a small youtuber with 45 subs and im the owner of a discord group! Im looking for people who want to have fun, play games, and do collabs! if you want to join all you have to do is have a ok mic, be minimum of 13 yrs old atleast 1 video every 1-2 weeks and be active. either join...
  14. SmokeySpace

    Best Games For Small Streamers to Stream?

    What are some good games (prepherably on steam but I also have Xbox) that gets in a lot of new viewers, like one that not too many people stream but still a lot of people watch, any ideas? I’ve heard Squad is a good one has anyone tried? Thanks for all the help!
  15. Worth it dudes

    How long did it take you to get to 1k subscribers?

    HI all, started our games & movie review in June 2017 and i feel that movement is slow with subscribers :( how long did it take you guys to reach 1k subs ? also any advice for a new channel would be massively appreciated :)
  16. T

    Good games to record

    Any suggestions for Good reliable games or popular games for a starting youtuber
  17. T

    Gaming Looking for people who want to make up a crew to play pc games

    I play any pc games and am planning on getting more so i need to bring up a youtube channel But for now i play counterstrike and fortnite and paladins etc. If you are interested reply to this with a discord username
  18. Hubazuba

    Gaming want to collab with PS4 Tubers

    I have a lot of the free games on the PS store and I have a lot of 3 star titles like Friday the 13th, Dead by daylight, and soon GTA and Gang Beasts. I am only 14 and my voice hasn't lowered yet so.... I can be kind of squeaky. I'm like mid range. Don't worry bout it. But I live in the US so if...
  19. J

    I got a problem....

    I'm in the middle of making a new series about flash games but I've got a problem: should I record the game first and add my voice in editing or record the game and my voice at the same time? Which solution is better?
  20. Aidan Nguyen

    Other Anyone want to collab on art/ games/ music?

    The title basically says it all, and in more detail the games I'm talking about are Roblox and Minecraft (such grown up games). Btw, if you can do digital art also hmu (working on something big) and if you are into superheroes like the CW and Netflix series hmu
  21. LeroySays

    Gaming [PC] Looking for Minecraft Youtubers/Helpers to collab with

    Hello there I've started a Minecraft Survival Series I'm at Episode 2 now and my GOAL Is to go all the way to 300+ episode if you want to collab or just want to help out making content and be in the video etc let me know there is currently only 4 spots left since I've got a private server with...
  22. Razolion

    Gaming Looking for Collaborators that will match my idea

    Hi, my name is Joe and I call my self Razolion on my channel. I have 46 subscribers that I gain in a month. I play games and take 2 videos per week. I am age of 14 and looking for collab who is under 16 years old. I play games wiith my friends like idiots, so if you are interested in...
  23. Arc Flash

    Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite - All Special and Hyper Moves for All Characters Compilation!

    Hope you guys enjoy the video! Took a LONG time to edit this one. :eeks:
  24. Battlefield

    Gaming [XB1] YouTube Collaboration [We Have130k Subs][No Req]

    Hello! We are looking for a group of people to make gameplay videos regularly. We Have almost 130k Subscribers. Games : -GTA V <-------- (Important) -Rainbow SIX <-------- (Important) -Minecraft -FIFA 18 -PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -Battlefield 1 Requirements : - Good mic - Xbox ONE -...
  25. Novainfusion

    Pantheon top makes Fizzsticks

    Hi all, Yesterday i played pantheon top vs a Fizz and i totally destroyed him in the lane. It was an easy ranked game and my team steamrolled the enemy. Hope you guys enjoy it. Like, Subscribe, Comment. Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  26. Novainfusion

    Ranked league of Legends game (platinum 1 i got rekt )

    Hi everyone. Its been awhile since i last uploaded a ranked league of legends game. So i thought i would play a game ranked top with singed for you guys. Hope you all enjoy it. Like, Subscribe or Comment. Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  27. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming Looking to play/Record with people [PC]

    Hi im roosterdcosta and im a new youtuber who wants to find people to have fun with but have a competitive spirit. I probably wont start recording till month or so since im saving up for the correct equipment but will gladly be in someones videos. i mostly play competitive FPS games but want to...
  28. Divotro

    Gaming Anyone want make videos together with my friend and form a group?

    Hey guys I am playing on pc with my friend Dinodead and we want to make a gaming group to make videos together. We are playing on pc and we play GTA 5, Battlegrounds and a lot of other games. I am 15 years old and I am from Europe Write to me if you are interested.
  29. Heizenblog

    Love Feedback on my Gaming Channel Please

    Hi there, I haven't been running my channel for long but would really like to know what people think of the following aspects. 1 - Banner design (too much, not enough etc) 2 - Thumbnail designs 3 - SEO - this is always a biggie 4 - Video content. My channel focuses on Indie Games and Lets...
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