1. Pichu

    PLAY OF THE GAME - Soldier 76 | Overwatch

    Feedback is appreciated
  2. JeggiTV

    Should I play retro games and current games in my Youtube channel?

    Should I play retro games and current games in my Youtube channel? Or should I create 2 different channels for both kinds.
  3. The Gaming Potato

    Gaming Looking to record any game with you :)

    Hey all. i'm pretty new and am trying to upload everyday / otherday but I am in need of someone to come and collab with me so we can both grow our channels and our friendship :) Preferably 17+ As that is my age but I am not fussy, as long as you are mature and can take a joke. I mainly play PC...
  4. KaizzyB


    Hey guys, I am back with another Let's Play! Talking about my game of the year; Ratchet and Clank. Whats your GOTY? Leave it in the comments :D
  5. Branden Morales


  6. M

    Commentary Hey, i'm up for a collaboration

    The collaboration, at the moment, can be mostly commentary, or some not high performance demanding games. It would be about the gaming world, whatever topic there. I have 5 subscribers if that'd be a problem.
  7. KooL KiD Gamers!

    Looking to restart my channel

    a while back i started my youtube channel. was going pretty steady with videos and looking to restart it all again.. reason i stopped was because my father passed away at the time and was bumped out and just completely threw me off balance with everything. looking to come back stronger then...
  8. Country Of Dragons

    Gaming Pixelmon or Minecraft Collaborations age 13+

    Hello, my name is Draco and I am looking for a Pixelmon or Minecraft collaboration. (Preferably Pixelmon) Requirements: - Speaks decent English - Has uploaded at least 5 videos - Has 10 or more subs - Is not a jerk - Doesn't curse - Good quality mic - Has Discord - Is available to record almost...
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