1. A

    Gaming Just a little bit of collabing

    Hey there, We're looking for some people to collaborate with, we'll play most games although we tend to play more steam games like Golf with your friends, Rust and Ultimate Chick Horse. Ideally, we're looking for someone with 200+ subs but we'll consider anyone really. Check out our content...
  2. sauzzy

    Gaming Overwatch, Rust, Rocket League, osu!, and much more xD

    I'm a brand new channel looking to post at least 2 or 3 times a week somethin and am looking for some people who preferably have discord to chill wilth and make videos with me :) if you are interested in making videos not wining because I'm bad than hit me up :D
  3. sphamedia

    Gaming Not Lets Play Collab, Horror Games or Scary Ideas prefered

    Hey guys, I've done youtube for a while now, i have nearly 200 subs but I'm kind of picky about the type of content i want to take part in, i like to make weekly videos that ether teach or interest people through popular media like games, movies and anime, this week im thinking about doing a...

    How long have you been doing YouTube?

    how long have you been doing youtube i started in 27th Jul 2015
  5. Pichu


  6. Pichu

    PLAY OF THE GAME - Soldier 76 | Overwatch

    Feedback is appreciated
  7. JeggiTV

    Should I play retro games and current games in my Youtube channel?

    Should I play retro games and current games in my Youtube channel? Or should I create 2 different channels for both kinds.