Gaming [XB1] YouTube Collaboration [We Have130k Subs][No Req]


Hello! We are looking for a group of people to make gameplay videos regularly. We Have almost 130k Subscribers.

Games :
-GTA V <-------- (Important)
-Rainbow SIX <-------- (Important)
-FIFA 18
-PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
-Battlefield 1

Requirements :
- Good mic
- Xbox ONE
- Min 500 Subs
-Over 17 years old

If you want to collaborate with us please reply to this thread or message us on Discord: Fresh Freddy#5640
Hey man I’m 20 years old. I’d love to play sometime. I mean even if you end up not wanting to collaborate Im just trying to meet new people to have fun with :) let me know
I am down if you are based in the UK , i have high end equipment but just need the group. I mainly play COD and FIFA 18 ... I have GTA. I am happy to buy any game.... i am 22 and looking for a funny moments group , not sure if thats you as there is no channel link