1. KaizzyB


    Me and my Brothers went head to head in FIFA! Was a really close game, but who won? #letsplay #fifa
  2. KaizzyB

    I MET MY IDOL <3 Let's Talk Episode 4

    Meeting your Idol is a hard thing to do, it involves a lot of timing and luck! Well I was lucky enough to meet mine and I thought for Episode 4 of Let's Talk I would talk about my experience. Meeting David Silva, my favourite football player for a while now, was one of the craziest moments! I...
  3. SeanFace101

    Celtic FC Players Celebrate After 5 - 1 Win Over Rangers FC

    Celtic (5) vs (1) Rangers Players Celebrate After Great Win! Paradise, Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland,UK.
  4. P

    Other Soccer Colab

    I am a small channel looking for people to grow with making soccer challenge videos. We do not have to actually meet to make challenges. I also have a group who are willing to join in just figured getting someone else would be good.
  5. HereBeBarr

    College Football Vlog (Tailgating and Stadium Experience)

    Hey guys, I attended the historic 78-0 loss that Michigan handed Rutgers on Saturday. Even though my school got creamed, I still had an amazing time and hope you guys enjoy the vlog:
  6. NM8

    Gaming Any Fifa Maniac's here? I am creating a club for FIFA 17! Let me know if you want to be involved!

    Feel free to check out my channel and let me know if you want to get involved!
  7. ollyfp

    Gaming Want to collab for some IRL videos!! and form a YouTube group?

    I am looking for someone who posts regular quality content to collab with. I have 700 subs and my average view per video is around 400-500. I have a Canon EOS 700D, phantom 3 drone and a load of Go Pro's. I want to make some really good videos with other YouTubers who may want to form a group...
  8. Enes


    What is up guys! My name is Enes but on Youtube I am known as Ency32.I have started this so called Youtube carrer about a week ago and in a few days I got 5 subs that means a lot to me and hopefully you guys could check out my content I think you will like it.Also I am looking for people to...
  9. SeanFace101

    Celtic & Rangers Teams Coming Out And Celtic Huddle

    Celtic vs The Rangers - Teams Coming Out And Celtic Huddle (Scottish Cup Semi-Final) 2015 This video is of both teams coming out in the Celtic vs The Rangers Scottish Cup Semi-Final at Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland.. Also watch Celtic do the Huddle. We comfortably went on to win this match...
  10. SeanFace101

    Hampden Crowd Before Celtic vs Rangers in Scottish Cup Semi-Final 2015

    Crowd In Hampden - Celtic vs The Rangers Scottish Cup Semi-Final - January 2015 This is the the crowd in Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom not long before the kick-off of the Celtic vs The Rangers (The Rangers) match in the 2014 / 2015 season Scottish Cup Semi-Final. Celtic went...
  11. Cam Kirkham


    Hi everyone this is my first vid. Recently hit over 1000 views in just 4 days! Check it out and tell me what you think! Took me about 4 sleepless nights to edit and get it up! Good luck with your channels!
  12. Cam Kirkham

    Just Hit 1000 views on my first video after 4 days!

    Cannot believe my first video (Insane Slip N Slide football match) has reached over 1k views in less than 4 days!! Took me over 3 sleepless nights to edit and get it out on youtube! Managed to gain 100 subs earlier as well over the course of the two videos on my channel! Thanks for your support...
  13. TeeKaaaaay

    How Do You Grow On YouTube? :)

    I am TK a brand new youtube, I used to have an account with over 100 subscribers but felt I needed to restart with a new channel. I have decided to base my channel on sport and blogging (a great passion of mine). But as i guess you presume I am indeed struggling. I know on yttalk that many of...
  14. Pierre Maynard


    Welcome to the story of my managerial career, re-booted. This is the start of the story, in which I went from job seeker to start my professional managerial career with that of League 1 side, Southend United. After their promotion from League 2 in the 2014/15 season, Southend United had caught...
  15. SeanFace101

    Celtic FC Ronny Deila & Players Have Fun After Winning

    Ronny Deila & Celtic Players Celebrate After Beating The Rangers (Scottish Cup Semi-Final 2015) Ronny Deila and all of the Celtic Players celebrating after winning the Scottish Cup Semi-Final match against The Rangers at Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland. Watch Scott Brown give his top to a...
  16. A

    Check Out Tekkaz On YouTube

    Hi People, My name is Ashley and I've been wanting to grow my channel so could anyone be nice enough to check it out like, subscribe and comment!
  17. A

    If you subscribe to me I'll sub back

    Guys check out my channel it's called Tekkaz subscribe and leave a comment I'll will sub to u
  18. FudgyBiscuit

    My Premier League Team of the Season

    Welcome to a bit of a different video where I take a look at the premier league and run through my team of the season and we also look at the player of the year awards.
  19. FudgyBiscuit

    FIFA 16 Portsmouth Career Mode S3E10 - CLOSING THE GAP

    Welcome back to my FIFA 16 Portsmouth Road To Glory Career Mode! After a dramatic win in the FA Cup in the last episode we look to concentrate on getting some consistency in our league form in order to close the gap on the teams in the automatic promotion places.
  20. Sixshades

    Meet Up/Gathering LONDON MEET UP/COLLAB :)

    Hey guys! We are six guys located in London and have recently started youtube and we're looking for people to collab we! We do all types of videos, ranging from football/wrestling videos to pranks and public videos, we also do film and music reviews so if anybody's interested just hit us up...
  21. Sixshades


    Hey everybody SixShades here! I was just wondering if any of you guys could have a look at our channel and give us some feedback on possible future videos and positives and negatives about how we're doing so far, always looking to improve and you can only get better! Hopefully our videos have...
  22. FudgyBiscuit

    FIFA 16 Portsmouth Road to Glory Career Mode Season 3 Episode 7 - LATE FA CUP DRAMA!

    Welcome back to my FIFA 16 Portsmouth Road To Glory Career Mode! After the mixed back of results in the last episode we look to begin to get some sort of consistancy together with games against Blackburn & Ipswich Town and we also look to kick on in the FA Cup when we face our first premier...
  23. FudgyBiscuit

    1 year YouTube anniversary & almost 500 subscribers

    Bit of a channel update, things been going well with channel over last couple of months and after a year of uploading to YouTube I think I can safely say its been a learning experience with how YouTube works (video/channel promotion, tagging of videos, how titles/descriptions work etc.) but kind...
  24. OliverRichesYT


    Check out a little challenge video i did with friends which i uploaded. Sorry the wind kills it abit but i hope you still enjoy! :)
  25. Lrulesok

    Messi vs Ronaldo

  26. ak a

    Can anybody review my channel

    Hi i have a football YouTube channel and I've been trying to get subs and I don't know what I've been doing wrong, so can anybody review my channel and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks Channel: Ak12345
  27. Zuukca

    BEST vs WORST FIFA16 w/ DiamondLion

    Hey guys, I just made a new colab video with DiamondLion, check it out, let me know what you guys think. (Music, Video, Commentary) Thanks!
  28. Callan Wills


    Which of these alter-egos would you like to see face off against each other for the championship title? Comment down below @Selim Keles @Pierre Maynard @KLENK @Jawad Soomro
  29. Zuukca

    FIFA 16 Video Feedback [FIFA SERIES]

    Hey guys! I have started a new FIFA Series which I call "Starting from Scratch" and would really appreciate some feedback back! Here is the link to my video!!!
  30. Zuukca

    Review my first FIFA 16 GAMEPLAY VIDEO!!

    Hey all!! I have just uploaded my first ever FIFA gameplay video and would really love some feedback!! Have I choosen the right songs also any other song suggestions. Does the video need to me louder? Does not have to be those specific questions answered feel free to fire away good and bad as...