facebook groups

  1. Jack Decker

    Private Facebook groups as mutual aid societies for niche YouTubers. What's your opinion?

    These private Facebook groups operating like a MCN minus giving a cut of one's revenue, signing a multi-year contract, and being evil. The premise of these Facebook groups would be that YouTuber channels cater to niche groups and these niche groups have a shared interest. That different...
  2. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Link Your Facebook Group to Your Facebook Page

    How To Connect Your Facebook Group to Your Facebook Page // Link your Facebook page to your Facebook group. Link Facebook Page and Group to allow cross promotion and the ability for your Page to comment as a user in the Facebook Group. If you don’t have a Facebook Group Page already, here are 5...
  3. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Make Your Facebook Page Engaging - How To Fill In Your Facebook Page

    How To Make Your Facebook Page Engaging - How To Fill In Your Facebook Page // Filling out your facebook page to make it looked lived in and engaging can help you impress and convert sales and leads for your business. A good Facebook Business Page should always look full, busy and engaging. But...
  4. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Why It's Okay NOT To Have An Active Facebook Page

    Why It's Okay NOT To Have An Active Facebook Page // You've heard me bang on about the importance of Social Media for months... maybe even years. Social Media can be a melting pot of new leads, new clients and great opportunities. But now i'm going to shock you and tell you Why It's Okay NOT To...
  5. Your Buddy Gas

    Can you guys recommend me some good facebook groups?

    I decided to grow my channel, by promoting it on facebook. I'm already in a group where there are some people who do sub for sub and I already have the feeling that I don't like it. I've sent some invites to other groups and they still have to accept me. I just want groups that are only...
  6. Lekjih

    Sub4sub groups on Facebook

    So, joined some groups on facebook, hoping they'd actually help me in terms of getting better and natural growth. Nope. Sub4sub4days. Halp. Anyone else had this problem?
  7. SwaggyIndian

    Promoting videos in Facebook groups

    Does promoting in Facebook groups made for YouTube promotion hurt your channel or help it. These groups don't allow sub4sub but some still do it. I usually ignore it or say that I don't do sub4sub. Most people in the groups watch your vids and leave a comment or subscribe if the enjoy it. I post...
  8. Little World View

    How do you promote your video on Facebook?

    From what I have been reading on here so far it seems like the best thing to do is to upload the video directly to FB instead of sharing the URL. I'm wondering though where do you post the videos? On your fan page? Personal page? Or the FB groups? Cheers!
  9. SeanFace101

    What do you all think of Facebook Sharing Groups?

    What do youse all think about all the groups you find on Facebook for sharing videos in? Do you think its worth while being a member of these groups and sharing in them?
  10. jelson975

    Using Facebook to get traffic

    a lot of people on here sing their praise to facebook for helping them promote their videos to other growing youtubers. Can we make this thread for recommending Facebook groups? and maybe even facebook groups that ARENT as good (pages to avoid)?
  11. cosmicjenny

    My thoughts on Youtubers Unite Facebook Page

    What is Youtubers Unite? well its a youtube community page for vloggers who want to promote their content and meet other youtubers. sounds great! ....yeah, at first. when i first become a member of youtubers unite i was so happy! i really wanted to meet other youtubers and potentially collab...
  12. FestusFX

    Best social media to promote your content

    Well, I made epic video's with good quality etc... But my problem was that the video's didn't have many views... I did used some social media to promote the video's but it wasn't effective. But now, some months later, I found a really cool way to promote your content. I made a facebook profile...
  13. Jordan Pike

    Facebook group suggestions for vloggers/travel vloggers?

    I'd really like to find some great vlogging groups/pages on Facebook to help share my videos around, but after searching lightly, I don't see any obvious pages that are really popular on this topic. Does anyone have any page suggestions for me? I would really appreciate it, and I'm sure some...