Private Facebook groups as mutual aid societies for niche YouTubers. What's your opinion?

Jack Decker

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Feb 11, 2014
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These private Facebook groups operating like a MCN minus giving a cut of one's revenue, signing a multi-year contract, and being evil. The premise of these Facebook groups would be that YouTuber channels cater to niche groups and these niche groups have a shared interest. That different YouTube channels can and do share the same niche audience and if the YouTubers were to promote each other, they could all grow in the process. The point of the Facebook group is to encourage members to promote each other and making members aware of new members and new members aware of old members. Posts to the group mainly show what members have done to promote fellow members, such a link to a video with the timestamp where you gave another member a shout-out OR links to collaborations done with other members. In my case, where I had a member on as a contestant on my game show as well as giving shout-outs to members between recording game episodes during a live stream. Stuff like that. There would be a weekly regular post that shows the current sub count of current members. That doubling as a listing of members. This pinned at the top of the discussion page. Members would be expected to make an effort to help promote another member at least once a month and post a post showing they did. If a member doesn't help promote other members, moderators would initially give them a reminder of the purpose of the group. Continued non-promotion of other members results in a warning. Eventually that non-promoting member would be kicked out of the group. That and the Facebook group would provide mutual support on how to best grow your channel whose core audience is this shared interest (the niche), such as....

I am thinking of starting up a private Facebook group that is a mutual aid society for YouTubers whose audiences love deduction. Deduction as in deduction games (e.g., Among Us), mysteries (both real and fictional), logic (both formal and informal), and such. For example, my YouTube channel is a game show ("Interrogation") whose core game is based on the old parlor deduction game "20 Question".

What do you think? If such has been done or is being done now, how helpful are they to members? Suggestions and advice much appreciated.