support group

  1. Jack Decker

    Private Facebook groups as mutual aid societies for niche YouTubers. What's your opinion?

    These private Facebook groups operating like a MCN minus giving a cut of one's revenue, signing a multi-year contract, and being evil. The premise of these Facebook groups would be that YouTuber channels cater to niche groups and these niche groups have a shared interest. That different...
  2. TeeDottie1

    Kinda bummed out :( plz help

    Well, we lost most of our viewers.. went through hard times, and decided to come back.. we have several new videos.. that are amazing yet nobody watches them. It sucks.. Nobody even comments on my forums when I ask for advice... maybe i should just give up.. I got 0 support man, the subscribers...
  3. TeeDottie1

    what do YOU think about our channel?

    dead on the insdie