What do you all think of Facebook Sharing Groups?


I Love YTtalk
What do youse all think about all the groups you find on Facebook for sharing videos in? Do you think its worth while being a member of these groups and sharing in them?
Its helped me a bit but you really need to find the right groups. Even then it can be hard though especially because a lot of groups are sub4sub or their moderators are practically non-existent and you need to wade through so much spam. But a decently put together group can be helpful however I have found those groups tend to be rather small so you probably wouldn't get a heap of views from it.
Firstly think about who is joining those groups - tiny channels who are mostly spamming to get few views. If your videos are about topics that might be interesting to this audience, yes, go ahead and post your videos there, but if your videos are not related to Youtube, online marketing or similar topics I doubt you`ll find your audience there.
What have you got to lose? When you consider it literally takes less than 1 minute to post a video somewhere with a nice little description to try and grab peoples and attention then why not do it? It's one more place you're video can be found, one more opportunity you have to be discovered, and it may grab you a subscriber or two or even just a couple of views to help boost your video.
I think a lot of the groups meant to share videos are somewhat of a circular economy. It's a bunch of people trying to sell the exact same product to each other, without any reaching out to other people. The folks that we should be trying to get as viewers are probably not YouTube creators in general, but people who go to YouTube to be viewers rather than creators.
I'm in a few specific Travel Vlogger groups where we share videos on a thread and can't just spam the thread. You have to comment on the video in the forum with what you liked and didn't. Also, you have to leave a Youtube comment. It actually helps get my videos some steam early on.

But i'm in a few "vlogger" groups where people just dump their material. Waste.
I think you should be focusing on groups that aren't YouTube related. In a YouTube group people are only going their to post their content, and don't care about yours. On the other hand if you post a Minecraft Let's Play in a Minecraft group, people are more inclined to see it since they just care about Minecraft. It's not super useful but it could make a difference.
Yeah like my videos about fish, I post them onto the same groups I get advice from about fish so works well there. :p But yeah iv notice a lot of groups are basically 100% full of video sharers and no actual viewers of videos posted there. :p I have left most of the groups on facebook now that are like "Video Sharing Group", etc.. for example. :p