video promotion

  1. rahatshikder

    Video promoter : View 4 View

    Video Promoter : View 4 View Download Apk Video Promoter is a video watching app that helps you get more views on your videos. It helps to boost video in your own network or other network. It is user friendly app that lets you watch others videos and they help you by watching yours. You can...
  2. jd_techsetupgear

    Most effective way to promote your videos?

    There's a bunch of platforms and social media sites to promote videos, but what do you guys find the most effective? I'm just curious so I can focus a little bit more attention to learning specific and effective platforms rather than just posting a bunch promotion haphazardly.
  3. SeanFace101

    What do you all think of Facebook Sharing Groups?

    What do youse all think about all the groups you find on Facebook for sharing videos in? Do you think its worth while being a member of these groups and sharing in them?
  4. SeanFace101

    Can Old Videos With Low Views Get Ranked High Now?

    I was wondering if it is possible for old videos that have been uploaded years ago and never did get a lot of views (below 100), can they still get ranked high now if the tags are updated, better title, descriptions, etc..? Will it be harder for them too rank high now because they haven't for so...
  5. SeanFace101

    How Many Tags Do You Add?

    When uploading your videos, how many Tags d you add to them? Do you add as many as it lets you? or not many?
  6. LifeAsJenny

    How to promote?

    I would like to promote my videos on Google adwords. How ever i'm not sure what the best way to use google adwords to do promotions. Do i do in stream or side ads? Do i just pay like $10 per video for a campaign or do i chose a ongoing campaign? If any one has any advice on what is the best way...