social networks

  1. SeanFace101

    What do you all think of Facebook Sharing Groups?

    What do youse all think about all the groups you find on Facebook for sharing videos in? Do you think its worth while being a member of these groups and sharing in them?
  2. SeanFace101

    Unclickable Social Media Buttons on Channel. Why?

    On my channel, just above the Subscribe button at the top right, i have links / buttons to my Twitter, Google Plus 1, Facebook and LinkedIn.. Why are these buttons on my channel un-clickable? It it a bug on YouTube or something? or Have i added them wrong or something? ::P Anyone know?
  3. Stike96

    How to promote on social networks?

    Hi all, I want to get started with promotion on social networks but have no idea where to start. I run a tech channel but don't know how I should go about promoting videos because all of the groups I see are either spammy as they are, empty, or have no one else promoting. There seems to be no...