1. Lightsen

    Weird glitch with earnings analytics graph?

    EDIT: google support confirmed it is a glitch, they aren't sure whats causing it, but they are looking into it and it has no effect on earnings. I don't check my stats that often, but i just noticed i keep getting these random 2 day sections where earnings are 0 and then the rest of the graph...
  2. Scapestrato

    Is the Christmas season being good with your YT earnings?

    I`m honestly a bit worried as I`m not seeing any particular increase in earnings compared to the previous months, and in the previous years by October I was seeing a spike due to the Christmas season. What about you?
  3. Shyam Sharma

    Is anyone earning full-time money from YouTube.

    Hello all, I wanted to ask you if anyone of you guys is earning full time money from your YouTube channel(s). What I mean is if you are able to make videos and make money equivalent to a 9-5 job earnings! Thanks again!
  4. MPigeon99

    Estimated earnings are 0.00$!

    So I monetized my videos yesterday and have got at least 20k views since then but the estimated earnings are still 0.00$. Does it just update that slowly or am I doing something wrong?
  5. Lightsen

    My Youtube Earnings have dropped! - A Guide

    Something that many new creators face, is the realisation that their earnings will jump and drop at various times of the year for reasons completely separate to their content and views. This guide is to list all the main reasons that you may see jumps and drops in your earnings, so you may...
  6. S

    Creators Revolution Network and ESL Gaming Stole My Earnings

    I partnered creators revolution network which is owned by ESL gaming in October 2016 but they have not paid me even once till now. I have been trying to contact them through the contact us option on their websites and by sending email to every email id I can get of them but they have not replied...
  7. S

    Quizgroup Payments Not Received

    I am partnered with Quizgroup and I have not received payments from them this month which I was supposed to be paid between 10th and 20th day of the month as per their normal schedule. Can anyone partnered with Quizgroup clarify if they have received payments in September or not. Any help would...
  8. C

    Almost $1000 on just 350,000 views???

    Some YouTuber online has been trying to justify their decision to join an MCN. They recently posted a video showing almost $1000 on just 350k views for the month. That is from the dashboard so that is for the ENTIRE channel! That makes NO sense! I know earnings can vary widely but that is TOO...
  9. SeanFace101

    Darts Tournament - Prize Money Getting Collected!

    Darts Tournament Prize Money Getting Collected. Paul Howie(1st) Jason Moore(2nd) Grant Conway(3rd) Scott Hastie(4th) Collecting their darts tournament prize money. A great tournament finished off by a great final night.
  10. KeniisuYT

    "Freedom.tm" and What I woke up to

    I woke up this morning to find multiple things wrong with my channel:' • My Revenue of $2.98 for the first 12 days of this month was gone from my earnings. • All my monetized videos were unmonetized. • Freedom's Partnership was nowhere to be found on my Dashboard. Now I was wondering "Why?"...
  11. KeniisuYT

    A Little New to Monetization. Is this normal?

    My Estimated Earnings as well as my CPM for my channel dropped gradually over a few days going from Estimated Earnings of around the $4.00 range to $1.10. The CPM also dropped from around $6.51 to like $3.01. I'm not sure on exact numbers, but I believe they were close to those listed. Anyways...
  12. TheHazzaBird

    Gaming New Group ( Gaming Tube ) Looking For People !

    Hi guys im 16 and i am a small youtube channel ( 118 subs) i am look for other youtubers around my size that are willing to be in my new youtube group i am making called Gaming Tube What Will Gaming Tube Be; gaming tube will be where we all make videos together on our own channels and also...
  13. BessY

    Estimated Earnings and Views are being removed Daily

    Hi there My Earnings are dropping everyday Tuesday it was 50$ then next day 44$ and the next 40$ now its at 29$ , am i missing something what the hell is going on? Also the views not only are they getting removed same as the earnings but when i enter my channel i have 1,402,658 views on the...
  14. YouTube Songs

    Plans to take down AdBlock?

    Hey, I was just wondering if there are any plans to take down adblock? I know there are probably none and its very unlikely to ever happen but it does block like half of the potential earnings of many youtubers.. So will adblock ever stop existing and will there be a time again where everyone...
  15. Sk Jony

    Is my Youtube channel better for huge earnings.

    Day by day my channel goes down and earnings reduce. I don't know why this situation fall, please check out my channel and advice me what should I do now?