Estimated Earnings and Views are being removed Daily


Hi there

My Earnings are dropping everyday Tuesday it was 50$ then next day 44$ and the next 40$ now its at 29$ , am i missing something what the hell is going on?

Also the views not only are they getting removed same as the earnings but when i enter my channel i have 1,402,658 views on the top but when i enter Analytics i only have 1,017,000 views and i know it takes a couple of days to catchup but for a week now it hasnt and basically i am missing 400,000 views that Youtube is not putting into my analytics

Every day each channel earns a different amount of estimated cash. You are not losing earnings; the system is set for a 28-day spread; if you earn less money today than you did the day before, naturally it will look like you are "losing money". What is actually happening is there were less monetized views on that day. What this actually means is that more people didn't click through ads on your videos, or more people viewed your videos with Adblock enabled, and thus didn't even see the ads to click them.

The use of Adblock is now an everyday thing for a major segment of YouTube viewers and we as creators, have no choice but to get used to that until YouTube finds a way to block the blockers.

I do wish this "views must equate to cash" mindset would be corrected in the minds of YouTube creators in general. Not every view will be a monetized view, and only monetized views will equate to estimated earnings.

YouTube also regularly eliminates invalid views from your view count; I believe this is an automated process, so complaining about it either here or on the YouTube Help Forum will do no good whatsoever.

You cannot argue with a robot, as a rule of thumb.