Plans to take down AdBlock?

Hey, I was just wondering if there are any plans to take down adblock? I know there are probably none and its very unlikely to ever happen but it does block like half of the potential earnings of many youtubers..

So will adblock ever stop existing and will there be a time again where everyone has to deal with ads? What do you think?
I doubt it will ever go away. People should whitelist their favorite creators to support them but adblock itself is fine. I have it to prevent popups with viruses ready to download if you click them by accident.
I have wondered if Youtube would ever do anything to prevent adblockers from working on their videos. I have been to sites that have been able to prevent it from happening, but it's unlikely they will since it might put people off from going to Youtube in the future. Also they are trying to sell that Youtube Red thing that makes it ad free for a price.
Yeah I agree, I use it for the same reasons as you, but I unfortunately don't think a lot of people will whitelist their favourite creators...
Yeah I agree, I use it for the same reasons as you, but I unfortunately don't think a lot of people will whitelist their favourite creators...
I think a lot people would but can't be bothered too. If there was a like notification within adblock to say "hey, support this creator by whitelisting them" then a yes or no. It would mean more people do it naturally since you take away that barrier of "I can't be bothered"
I don't think they'll ever take Adblock down, though anything's possible. Not just considering YouTube, but there's places on the web that have wayyy too many ads on their site as it is and it's great to block those, especially if it's covering up what they're trying to show their viewers on the site. They may not be showing the content as clearly as they could be if the ads are taking away from the content. With that being said, I think that people should whitelist the sites that they like to show support on. Even if there's a time in which we'd have to deal with ads again, someone will find a way around it.
I've vouched for this since day 1, if anything placing a mechanism to block Adblock on YouTube videos should only encourage people to sub to Red, either way Adblock is a great thing but not when creators are hurt from it, pesky spam ads I get but I do hope they eventually do something to stop it. In general YouTube has such a strong grip on the video game that even if they did circumvent Adblock people would still watch their content. I hope they implement something for it on their video platform in the future, I'm all for freedom of the web but as a creator I won't lie that I feel the effects of Adblock. Throughout the years it has only gotten worse, judging by analytics it's accurate to say monatized views vs. non monatized views per capita has drastically changed.
AdBlock sold recently to a "mystery buyer". Wouldn't surprise me if that mystery buyer was Google. I don't use adblock as I have owned many ad-revenue supported websites in the past and I earnt good money from them. It doesn't hurt me to see an ad or two on a website.

Luckily many views come from Mobile Devices now, and YouTube iPhone apps can't utilise adblock.