1. Lock

    Adblock script/plugin

    Can anyone tell me what script is used for this ?? I am planning to write a blog and was looking for such a plugin/script for it "We have detected that an Ad Blocker is installed in your browser and it is blocking advertisements which help support YTtalk. Please consider disabling the Ad...
  2. G

    Why hasn't Youtube blocked Adblock?

    I just got 800.000 views on a youtube video, but I have only earned 50 dollars, because over half of the viewers are using Adblock. So, my question is, why hasn't Youtube blocked Adblock?? Thanks in advance
  3. Onlinetechs

    Yahoo now officially is blocking AdBlock, Google are you in?

    PCWorld announces that any Yahoo user checking YahooMail will now see an error saying 'To Continue you must disable Adblock'.. If Yahoo can do this.. Google, where are you on this?! I've been saying this for a few months now, power players in the ad game have the ability to disable ad block on...
  4. YouTube Songs

    Plans to take down AdBlock?

    Hey, I was just wondering if there are any plans to take down adblock? I know there are probably none and its very unlikely to ever happen but it does block like half of the potential earnings of many youtubers.. So will adblock ever stop existing and will there be a time again where everyone...
  5. Onlinetechs

    Petition to Google to kill Adblock (Don't hate me for this)

    I'm afraid to even start the thread, but hoping a connected person may read this or someone who can down the line pass this to someone who can actually take the idea to fruition. What is Adblock and what is its affect? Adblock is an extension to a browser or a third-party script that defines...