Yahoo now officially is blocking AdBlock, Google are you in?


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PCWorld announces that any Yahoo user checking YahooMail will now see an error saying 'To Continue you must disable Adblock'.. If Yahoo can do this.. Google, where are you on this?!

I've been saying this for a few months now, power players in the ad game have the ability to disable ad block on some platforms not all platforms. I'm all for YT to be adblock free, people won't stop using YT and odds are more people will sub to red to get a true ad free experience.

Although I am starting to think this will happen soon, the number one feature red is toting is ad free videos, but if the user uses adblock, this feature is obsolete because they have it for free. I'm 99.9% sure Google will follow in Yahoo's footsteps.

All I wanna know is, are you gonna pro-rate all my views that weren't monetized because you took so darn long to do this?!? :stomp:
This would solve so many problems for anybody who isn't selfish. I can't fathom a reason why Google wouldn't implement an AdBlock detector, it would make the world a lot easier.
Google and YouTube could do this in the bat of an eyelid and I think they'll be doing it very soon.

I'd like them also to disable monetization from any YouTube channel that uses adblock when watching videos on other channels. I bet that alone would solve 50% of the problem.
Looks like some news sites report Google started, excerpt of one of the articles:

Search giant appears to stop Adblock users skipping YouTube ads
Adverts may be served to Google Chrome users visiting YouTube whether or not they use AdBlock Plus, the extension that stops ads popping up while browsing the web.

Google appears to have circumvented AdBlock on its Chrome browser when visiting YouTube, accidentally or otherwise, meaning users must sit through long advert video clips they cannot skip before their video begins to play.

Twitter users have voiced their anger about the latest move and some tweeted screenshots of long YouTube ad trailers.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I hope this is for real!! :dance:
Twitter users have voiced their anger

lol, why doesn't that surprise me. They'll all be threatening to boycott YouTube, but of course they won't.......

Hey if you hate ads, no problem, Youtube has just want you need - pay for YouTube Red! Oh you don't want to pay either? Well stop using YouTube then please - you're not contributing to the running costs. Bye bye!
I don't see how yahoo blocking adblock can be seen as anything other than a bad thing for users. I understand frustration from creators who feel that adblock users are stealing their content, not that I agree with that. I'd argue that it's selfish to applaud a move I consider anti-consumer.
Pretty sure we'll see a rise in Firefox and other browsers when it comes to YouTube viewing if that is the case. As for Yahoo, I bet they didn't go the browser specific route. Shall be interesting to see the results of their decision.
I don't see how yahoo blocking adblock can be seen as anything other than a bad thing for users.

How do you think Yahoo pays for their servers and bandwidth?

I'd argue that it's selfish to applaud a move I consider anti-consumer.

lol are you trolling? The only people being "selfish" and naive are the users who think that Yahoo and Google are charities and that they expect to get a free service without any ads.

Websites cost money. They need to be financed either though ads or through paid subscriptions. Currently the service is free with ads so if people block ads, then Yahoo loses money and will stop providing the service. This is basic economics. The people who block ads are the ones causing Yahoo to lose money which will lead to them stopping the service for everyone. They are the ones being "selfish" by ruining it for everyone.

I'm very confused by your post. your position is clearly someone who is against ads. That is your perogative of course. But if you are so against ads, why are there ads on your videos? That seems very hypocritical and "selfish" don't you think?
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