Have you received Payments from Quizgroup in September

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I am partnered with Quizgroup and I have not received payments from them this month which I was supposed to be paid between 10th and 20th day of the month as per their normal schedule. Can anyone partnered with Quizgroup clarify if they have received payments in September or not.

Any help would be appreciated as I an unable to contact their support.
I had not paid quizgroup already 2 months ie July and August more than $ 9,400. quizgroup support did not answer. Many friends on facebook complaining about the same thing. earning over $ 1,000 are not paid a lot of quizgroup.
until now my channel live and good standing and still connect with quizgroup.
Our own request unlink but they cancel.
very clear they just wanted our money without going to pay us.
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They have not paid my earnings for last two months. That amounts to over $3500. My channel is still linked to them like myghina mentioned above.They do not reply to my emails when I inquire about not being paid. But when i wrote an email from another email id telling them that I am unable to partner them due to some error I received a reply from them on the same day. From this it seems they do not have any intention to pay us.