1. M

    Zoomin MCN August Payments?

    Has anyone received bank or WU earnings for June (August payments)?
  2. S

    Quizgroup Payments Not Received

    I am partnered with Quizgroup and I have not received payments from them this month which I was supposed to be paid between 10th and 20th day of the month as per their normal schedule. Can anyone partnered with Quizgroup clarify if they have received payments in September or not. Any help would...
  3. outromaker

    Request Graphic designer for multiple outro templates needed. Paid assignment (Paypal)

    We are looking for a graphic designer to create outro templates for us in an ongoing basis. An outro template is an end screen graphic with placeholders and social icons/subscribe buttons like the ones at the bottom which will be used in our service to create outro videos. We require...
  4. Dem

    Getting paid for two channels on the same account

    Hey! I own 2 channels on my account and both of them are verified youtube partners. When I visit my adsense page, is there any way to see the channels that my email owns and if I'm getting paid for both of them? I'm saying this because even though I've earned 5k views on my second channel and...
  5. Scapestrato

    VAT tax on payments coming from a US based network?

    Hey folks, anybody has experience about this? From next month I'm starting receiving payments from Fullscreen to my company based in Bulgaria (so VAT subject territory), and at the moment I'm not sure if this kind of payment is VAT exempt or not. If it's the second case, it means there's a...