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    QuizGroup Partnership Payment Method

    Dear Sirs - Good Afternoon, Hello from Istanbul. I have 2 channels at Quiz. WebMoney pulled from Turkey. I have to choose new method for withdraw money. Bank account still working in Quiz ? What is minimum limit for draw money ? Thanking in advance. Kind regards, Emre PS: I selected...
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    Quizgroup Payments Not Received

    I am partnered with Quizgroup and I have not received payments from them this month which I was supposed to be paid between 10th and 20th day of the month as per their normal schedule. Can anyone partnered with Quizgroup clarify if they have received payments in September or not. Any help would...
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    Quizgroup Authorization Error

    I am trying to partner my channel with Quizgroup but whenever I try to apply for partnership I get an "Auth Error" message. After getting error message with my first channel I tried to partner my other channel. I again got the same error message. Is anyone else facing the issue or someone has...