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  2. V.I.N.

    Looking for small Youtubers to join my (Java) Minecraft Server

    I've tried making a Minecraft server before, but it didn't really work. This time, however, I am determined. Hermitcraft only invites YouTubers with good reputations, and that seems to work for them. I recently spent actual money to get Bedrock so I could play an awesome server I found on...
  3. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming (PS4) LF A Long Term Content Creators Who Are Funny and Consistent The Group!

    What games that i want to collab with other youtubers? List of games i have that can be good collabration games: 1) Destiny 2, Overwatch, Paladins, Rainbow Six Siege, Monster Hunter World, H1Z1, and Fortnight (Rainbow Six Siege, H1Z1 and Fortnight) are the the three i have never played before...
  4. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming (PS4) Looking For A Long Term Passionate and Dedicated Content Creators For Our YouTube Group!

    Here's some information about me. Me is looking for some Passionate and Dedicated Content Creators For Our YouTube Group thats are looking to collaborate on a frequent basis. I want to make some good friends and partners for our YouTube journey. Here's some information about me. My Name...
  5. Sonickick

    Gaming Lethal Gear : Recruiting New Members

    Hi YTtalk members! My username is Sonickick, and I am looking for new members to join my group, which is known as "Lethal Gear." To explain Lethal Gear, we are a group of friends/gamers/content creators united by our love of fighting games, rpg's, platformers, and even western or Japanese...
  6. RenOperative

    Gaming August Collaboration – Looking for new recruits for gaming content creation & opportunities

    Introduction: Hello, my name is Renegade Operative. I am the co-host of a gaming podcast oriented channel and we always seek out new blood each month to try to further our relationships and give new opportunities gaming channels of any size who desires a chance to be active & participate with a...
  7. Sully-GC-Founder

    Gaming GameCast Is Looking For Content Creators

    GameCast is currently in the process of expanding its core team. The core team will be a part of a creative process in building a new Youtube based service. GameCast is a unique idea/vision that I've been working on conceptually and physically for 8 month's, I've been treating GameCast like a...
  8. KirstyCakesss

    Where to get awesome free to use music?

    Hi guys. I have been browsing soundcloud, but was wondering if anyone here know where to find good music to use for my videos? I'm looking for electronic music, think Flume, Chainsmokers, etc.
  9. Elissa Jordan

    A Message to All Content Creators

    Hello fellow content creators and future content creators! My name is Elissa and I am a vlogger on YouTube. Recently, I have really been thinking about something and I want you guys to hear it. It has changed the idea of YouTube for me and I hope it will change it for you. I propose a...
  10. S

    Gaming Collaboration for Funny Videos Content

    Welcome To SaveGame Productions We are in the United States and we are looking for people also in the US Introduction Hello everyone and how are you? I am glad to see that you are interested in a collaboration, In this post I'm going to be stating what I'm looking for in this collaboration. I...
  11. LeatherArmchairSociety

    Need tips on how to grow a brand new channel!

    Hey everyone! We are The Leather Armchair Society and we just started a new channel about a week ago. We have nearly 30 subscribers that are 100% made up of friends and family, we are now ready to break through that and start building an audience outside of that. What are some things that you...
  12. D

    Is it true you need to have schedule for videos?

    I try to upload 3-5 videos per week, others upload 2-4 videos PER DAY! I am wondering if you upload not as frequently then youtube sees your channel as "inactive" and positions it at the bottom of related titles/topics? What if you miss your schedule to upload a video? Does it really hurt your...
  13. Stephanie Warwick

    Gaming Looking for a talented content creator!

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the right sub-forum to post in but lets give it a go anyway! I work in PR and marketing, working with indie developers the world over to promote their games! BeefJack worked with the talented teams behind Dear Esther and Thomas Was Alone, and now we are looking...
  14. zZAZzIL

    Gaming League Of Legends content creators!

    Hey guys! I´m new to this site and i'm new to youtube. I'd like to do a collab with another LOL content creator to help us both grow:) Im looking forward to put a new channel under the tag"Check out this Channels aswell" and for someone to do the same with my channel but on your channel wall...