1. Kane J Goodridge

    Short Film YouTube Content Creator Required for YouTube Documentary Short Film

    Hi there! I am producing a short documentary film based on the Life of a YouTube Content Creator as part of my L3 Diploma Film College Course. The film is 5-10 minutes in length. This film will feature going to a YouTube content creator's studio (or just house if they do not have a studio)...
  2. Courtney Candice

    Hiding your channel

    I don’t usually have a problem with telling people I have a channel, but since I’m in school for cosmetology I decided to not let the people I go to school with know about my channel. The reason why I don’t want the people I go to school with know is because I know i probably will end up...
  3. Vlogify

    An EXTRAVagant Party

    My first time using a decent dslr camera, the Canon 80D. Had to break her in at my first place with my favorite people during my favorite time of year. Hope y’all enjoy and subscribe if you did!
  4. OneManOneMic


    With about 1.3K subscribers I just passed 50K channel views :) I have been off my game for a bit but I now upload twice a week (every Tuesday and Thursday) and I've seen my average views per video go up! Really satisfying stuff! Now onto 100K views!
  5. Becky Keegan

    Being A YouTuber Whilst Going To University?

    So in September I will be hopefully (If I get the grades) be starting University (College, for Americans :P), and especially since I will be living on campus (In halls, single bedroom's with a shared kitchen), I am really worried about the social anxieties that come with talking to a camera...
  6. Queen Deona

    Vlog Let's Collab

    Looking for a young YouTube to do a collab with. We can discuss different topics and decide what we would want to do a video on. This will help both of us get our name out there . -Unapologetically Dee
  7. Kemono


    The 12 Year-Old simulator and the Student Simulator, both if I must say so myself, are pretty accurate, enjoy!
  8. Tivo

    Back at art school!

    I documented my trip and dorm this semester.
  9. AllenSae

    Doing youtube while going to school?

    Hey guys, so you know school has started for some of us (so much fun :/). Either high school or college. So I just wanted to know how do you find the time to still crank out quality content? I'm finally going back to college (video production, film maker) and I just wanted some tips and tricks...
  10. Tivo

    How do you use your education on youtube?

    I'm curious to see how many people went to college and are using their degree/knowledge to help improve their channel. Or if you are in high school, how you intend to use your major? Maybe your degree doesn't help, I want to hear about that as well. Thanks!
  11. RJHoodie

    College and Youtube

    Hi everyone! I'm a new youtuber starting college in just a week, and I'm honestly wondering if it would be possible to keep up with the type of content that I usually (or will eventually) do: parodies, challenges, vlogs, and other comedic videos. I don't know if I should just formally stop...
  12. Jacadamia

    How do I Make Videos in College? What do you do?

    So I just started off my whole youtube shabang, and although it's really early in the game, I know I want to continue it! The thing is though, I'm going to college for my first semester at the end of august, and I'm not sure how plausible that would be. Sure I'd have to balance studies with...
  13. G

    Funny video to watch

    go to youtube and search playing a prank on my college professor !!! its really funny
  14. DeanzEpic


    GRADUATION FAILS! :) #graduation #fails #funny #comedy #backflip #highschool #compilation. Watch these graduate fail during their graduation ceremony :) Hope you guys enjoy! :)
  15. The Light Life Project

    Check out my video on depression in college!

    Here is the link to our first video I created an organization called The Light Life Project. The organization raises depression awareness through events, activities, and workshops through college campuses and online, funds mental health research, spreads positivity through social media...
  16. Mattaxol

    Channel grew from 0 subs to 1k subs out of nowhere?

    Can someone please explain this? Someone who recently joined my High School (College in NZ) gave me his channel and his Skype, but he had like 7 videos and very very low views, and quite low quality, so I was suspicious how he just had 1,000 Subscribers. I check his SocialBlade and I find...
  17. Rehannah

    How do you balance YouTube with your life

    I'm 15 so I'm currently in school and will be for a while and before it used to be so easy to balance my life but now I find myself confused as to which direction I'm going in and what I'm doing with my life. Anyone have any tips on how to keep your life prioritized and to balance school life...
  18. Jay Dilla


    Hey guys! I got my buddies to do a challenge with me and get girls to kiss them! check it out and support if you can! I will certainly return the favor!
  19. bstylz01

    How not to hit on girls @UNLV

    what other videos should we do! give us ideas!
  20. bstylz01

    Going back to College!

  21. BrunosWorld

    Vlog College life! Adventures!

    Is there any other college students that want to collab or have a vlogging channel?
  22. Laura Pierson

    Video Ideas

    Hello everyone I was wondeing if you could help me with some video ideas. I'm a college student at Grand Valley State University and live in the dorms so I almost never have any good lighting to work with. My channel is primary a lifestyle vlog like Zoella and Aspyn Ovard's but I'm open to any...