advice for new channels

  1. Yusef472

    Honest opinion needed...

    Hey! In August 2015 I decided to take my passion for science to the next level by creating an educational science channel. Between now and then I have only posted two videos so I know I should be uploading more often but apart from that I'm struggling to see what else needs to improve. When I...
  2. louis walters

    how do create better channel art?

    my channel art isnt great so if you vould please leave some advice that would be great thank you
  3. Sam Wolfie

    Vlogging with my twin?

    I'm a youtuber who currently does gaming video's but I've been thinking about starting a Vlog channel with my sister. Should I start a Vlog Channel with her or should I just make one by myself. My current channel is just me and sometimes others. Any advice would be great :)
  4. filmfoolsproductions

    New Channel or Keep The Old?

    Hi YT, It's been a while since I posted but I'v been busy with school, work, and getting my web series together! Now that most of the difficult parts of pre-production is done I've got a question. Should I host The web series on my current youtube channel that does multiple things like...
  5. DivideAndConquer

    Can Someone Please Explain Youtubes SEO To Me Like I'm Five

    Hi My name is Trevor! :) Now ive looked at 100s of Youtube videos that supposedly explain how youtubes SEO works and how to optomise it but they all do the same thing and go into supper technical talk that i swear is for rocket scientists. lol anyway if anyone could explain it to me as though i...
  6. Tayo


    Just as the title says, I'm willing to review your channel(s) if you review mine! I'll be as serious and honest as possible, so please don't get offended if you don't like what I have to say. I hope you guys are super honest about my channel, too. My review will concern anything you want...
  7. kelseyandjonathan

    Vlogging Feedback Wanted

    Hey guys! So my wife and I just recently started vlogging on YouTube (~2 weeks ago) and I'm not sure if this is the right place to put something like this and I hope I'm not going against any etiquette here, but I was just wondering if there were any vloggers on here I could chat with or get...
  8. D

    Channel design?

    Today, I have spent some time designing the channel icon and channel art and was keenly interested to find out what people think. I think it is a basic design and is "good" enough for me and what I want, I'll explain why I done those designs. Firstly, the channel icon is blue, red and white...
  9. TWIG gainzzz

    Need opinion: is any publicity good publicity?

    OK guys I have a funny content idea OK let me start ... Basically I know this local youtuber who is doing well but is NOT original . So me and my friend mathias where like OK we are just starting of so we give him a good content idea and we get publicity with his subs buy bringing him to the...
  10. T

    Newbie Needing Advice!

    Hey everyone, I've been watching YouTube videos for ages now, and I really want to start making my own videos. Loads of my friends do it, and it looks really exciting. I'd really like to do gaming videos, mainly on Minecraft. I'd love to make videos that loads of people watch, but the...
  11. W


    Any tips and tricks for editing and recording gaming videos? My editing software is Imovie.
  12. T

    Why Watch time is more important than views!

    I thought I would take a little information from it and share with you! Ill make this super short and hopefully easy for everyone to understand. Back in the day youtube used to value VIEWS more than WATCHTIME They soon found out that just because you had a lot of views didn't mean your content...