Need opinion: is any publicity good publicity?

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OK guys I have a funny content idea OK let me start ...

Basically I know this local youtuber who is doing well but is NOT original . So me and my friend mathias where like OK we are just starting of so we give him a good content idea and we get publicity with his subs buy bringing him to the gym and making funny vids of him being a gym newbie
But he just said "that was the worsthird f*****g. Idea I have ever heard and sorry I have already planned my years content " even though is its somthing new for his subs and funny

So we asked if we could make fun of his channel as a joke and he refused and got very childish I won't say how cause it will save me paragraphs

But now I havenjoy scripted the interest video of me roasting him should I post it ? What's your opinion ?
Its a free market. Post you video of you making fun of him. Be prepared for hate.

I like to watch a lot of controversial youtubers. Even some pretty hateful or ignorant channels. I don't agree with everything I see but there is something to say for people who are brave enough to speak their mind no matter what.

Ask yourself, however, If you didn't know this person in real life then what would be your connection to him on youtube? Why would you be making fun of him or working with him. You may be local to him geographically, but you might not be local online, if you know what I mean.

It does come off a little bit like you want to get subs by being associated with him.
well see its something i think i could make hilarious content on .. due to his rudeness he showed to me and my friend
see his hole fan base thinks he is someone else but really isn't and i want to expose it with comedy.
and hell yeah if i didn't want to be associated with him i wouldn't want to share my opinion XD