1. S

    1000 Views! YAY

    I'm soo excited to share I reached 1000 views within 2 weeks of creating my channel. Just can't hold my happiness! YAYAYAY
  2. D

    Comedy I have more than 2k views who wants to collab

    Hey I'm darrk I am looking for collaboration I have had 200 subs and over 2k views in 3 days Comment below if interested .....
  3. D

    Comedy I have 1.8k views am looking for someone with subscribers to collab with

  4. J

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for 100 subs

    i am very happy that i now have 100 subs
  5. Chicken Tendies

    1000 View!

    We hit 1000 views a couple of days ago. My videos where clicked on and watched for 30 seconds or more and that is crazy to me! Well people I have to now make a video about it.
  6. ItsNotAiyla

    Joining the 1000 views+ club!!

    Woke up today with my first 1000 views! I know it's only a little tiny blip in the grand sceme of things, but it still makes me happy so I'm going to enjoy it. :biggrin: I've only been posting vids a short while, under 2 months. I know some channels have more than me at this stage and some have...
  7. TheMoonchinKing

    1000 Channel Views!

    After about 16 videos I believe, I have reached 1000 views on my channel. This is a great accomplishment I think for a beginner YouTube creator. I believe if I can reach 1,000 views, I can reach 2000, and then 3000 and so forth, and will be able to reach my 10,000 views goal by the end of this year!
  8. OldNotDead


    I hit 1000 views with 26 subs....Feel pretty exited right now!Wow, Sorry guys...I posted this a couple days ago....To be fair, I didn't have my coffee yet this morning!!! #not wake How do I delete a thread I posted here? Can it even been done?
  9. OldNotDead

    Just past 1000 views!!!

    Pretty happy as I just past 1000 views! Not too shabby with a very few subs. For those that have sub, thank you. Hope you continue to enjoy my videos. Cheers Scott
  10. Trippst3r

    100 Subscribers & 1,000 Views

    Greetings, YTTalk! I recently surpassed the first ground breaker of YouTube that is 100 subscribers! :D If that wasn't good enough, I exceeded 1,000 views the same day! My YouTube career has been enjoyable, and I see it being nothing but that as I continue my adventure.
  11. Humor Hub

    80 Subscribers and 1000+ views!

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys and gals are having a fantastic day. Anyways, we've just hit the 80 Subscribers milestone with 1000+ views! We'd like to thank everyone who supported us and gave us feedback within the yttalk community. It really helped us get to where we are and we appreciate the...
  12. Mitchell Bridgeman

    Reached 1000 views New Years 2016-2017

    Great news... We reached 1000 views on our content before New Year's Eve was over. Our end view count was 1124 views. Just thought it would be cool to share it with everyone as I am delighted with my own milestone. Some views (approx >100?) were from family watching my content. YouTube has...
  13. Tomba

    Just hit 1000 [Small milestone]

    Hey! So this is just me wanting to share my milestones and track my growth with you guys! I just hit 1000 views overall, even if It's a small step I am overall very proud of that milestone! I see it as my entrance into the YouTube scene, the thing I find special about this number is that I...
  14. JRuncie

    Cleared 1000 views

    26 videos later we've cleared the 1k view count! We're still stuck at 18 subs, but I would rather grow organically and appreciate some of the loyal followers we seem to have developed. For those on the channel who have been helping by writing editing articles, and offering private chat advice...
  15. M

    1000+ views, in disbelief

    Hey YT-ers :) I've just uploaded a thank you video because I received over 1000 views on my videos, and I've passed the 10 subscriber mark! I opened my channel about 2 months ago and the feedback has been truly amazing... Any suggestions on keeping my new subscribers and viewers interested...
  16. Jacadamia

    1000+ Views!!

    Wooo! Thanks so much everyone : -] Now let's try and get to 200 subscribers before 2 months pass, heheh Honestly this is amazing : -)
  17. Xanderin

    Just flew Past 1000 views !

    Thanks for all the support kinda onto 1100 now but it just jumped up so fast =)
  18. Voov

    Hitting the 1000 view mark on a video

    Having started Youtube just a month ago, we obviously didn't expect anything to viral, but one thing we've been finding hard to achieve is to get 1000 views on a single video. We have already over 1800 total views on the channel, but the maximum we've been capable of getting on a video is 560...
  19. Altairsfriend

    Over 1000 views and climbing!

    I met my view goal and I couldn't have done it without the help you all have given me. Now I just need to work on turning these views into subscribers! Once again thanks for the feedback and support!
  20. AllTheLittleThings

    1,000 Views on my channel :0

    So I just hit 1,000 views on my channel and only the other day I was at 850 and im so grateful and thankful for every view so thankyou so much everyone <3
  21. MechMaster

    Finally hit 50+

    We finally hit 50+ subs, okay that not much that's pretty much nothing but it is for me and my friend goddamn, we finally got to over 1,000 channel views again papa bless. well thats all i've got now you can f**k off now m8
  22. malen


    I just want to share an unforgettable milestone. I know it's not much but it made me want to make videos again :D I have planned of uploading videos at least twice a week but it all changed when I got a job (that I didn't expect that I'll get) so I stopped uploading. My plan to do a weekly vlog...
  23. Cam Kirkham

    Just Hit 1000 views on my first video after 4 days!

    Cannot believe my first video (Insane Slip N Slide football match) has reached over 1k views in less than 4 days!! Took me over 3 sleepless nights to edit and get it out on youtube! Managed to gain 100 subs earlier as well over the course of the two videos on my channel! Thanks for your support...
  24. Saadioz


    Well, it took a longer time than it normally would take, due to school and stuff. But I reached this milestone which I'm happy for! Do I need to bake a cake now? ;) Next goal is 2000 views total in a month! It will be a challenge! :)
  25. PseudoExon

    Just hit 1000 Views

    I know it may not seem like much, but I am happy to announce that I just hit 1000 views on my channel. Personally wanted to thank YT talk community because I truly feel humbled for this milestone.Though the grind is slow, it is steady. Here's to all of us to keep pushing forward, keep on...
  26. Steflouise


    This week I reached 1000 views on my channel!! yaaaaaay Thank you heaps to those who have supported me really means so much to me xxx
  27. Kacper

    Reached my first 1000 views and 40 subs this month

    So close to 50!! Thanks to everyone here who subscribed :)
  28. MitchProVideos

    Recently hit 1,000 total views!

    This has been my goal since I started my channel. A thousand views is awesome and amazing. I wanted to make this to give a huge thanks to this forum website for helping me grow, stay motivated, and help me keep growing. My next big step is 5,000 total views. Thank you everyone!
  29. M. B. Harkins

    I'm So Happy!! THANK YOU!!

    I woke up this morning and was responding to a new comment on one of my videos when I realized that, not only have I just hit 1,000 views across my entire channel, but 550 of those views were all because of one single video! I could not be more happy! I never thought that my short film would...
  30. LetsPlayMo

    1000 Views and almost 50 Subs! Gonna get me a new play button!

    If you have ever been on channel and I mean who hasn't do you see these numbers IM FAMOUS! I celebrate a lot I made a video for my first view, mt first sub where I gave myself a playbutton, my 10th sub which I got a new playbutton its blue and beautiful, 40 subs, gonna make one for 50 subs, but...